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Here’s who has hung up their apron and left MasterChef Australia 2023

These are the unlucky cooks this season....
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Things are heating up in the MasterChef kitchen as home cooks from across Australia battle it out for the winning title!

With fourteen incredible winners across fifteen jaw-dropping seasons, the smash hit reality show has started the careers of some of Australia’s most loved celebrity chefs. 

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But, in a brand new season of Secrets and Surprises, not everyone can rise above the stresses of the high-stakes show. 

Scroll on to see who has been eliminated so far…

Andrea Puglisi 

Andrea was the first to say Arrivederci to the MasterChef kitchen in season fifteen after falling flat with his Nutella crepes. 

The 36-year-old was unsurprisingly sad to be the first to go but said his short but sweet time on MasterChef had been “a pleasure.”

“I can do anything now, this experience has made me so much stronger, it’s unbelievable,” Andrea said to camera after his elimination. 

Andreas’ crepes were his downfall. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Jessica Perri 

Although the seafood stew challenge saw Larissa rejoin the competition, another contestant was eliminated. 

Unfortunately for Jessica, her choice to make an eggless pasta with bread flour proved to be her undoing and she was officially sent home. 

Jessica was sent packing by second chance apron wearer Larissa! (Credit: Channel 10)

Larissa Sewell

Despite making the best choux pastry of the challenge, Larissa didn’t get the balance right and was second to be eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen. 

Or was she?

Unbeknownst to her fellow competitors, Larissa had the second chance apron (won during her first week) and had the opportunity to return to the competition in the following weeks elimination challenge. 

“It’s been a ride, cooking with and meeting these amazing people I’ve made friends for life….that’s by far one of the biggest highlights,” Larissa said to the cameras before adding: “JOKES, I HAVE THE SECOND CHANCE APRON!”

“I have to keep it a secret for now but I’ll be back for the next elimination [challenge] to fight my way back in.”

And fight to get back in she did, besting Jessica in the seafood stew challenge the following week!

But alas, the odds were not in Larissa’s favour as she became flustered with her Tokyo Lamington tower and was the third cook to be sent home. 

“My cup is full, I have no regrets. I’m really going this time,” Larissa laughed as she farewelled the judges and her fellow contestants. 

Larissa had a second chance in the show. (Credit: Instagram)

Amy Tanner

After wowing the judges with her caramel dumplings early on in the MasterChef competition, 26-year-old Amy Tanner cemented herself as one to watch in future challenges. 

But alas, only a few episodes later Amy was the fourth contestant to be sent home after falling flat with what the judges described as “irredeemable” and “disappointing” tacos. 

“We really wanted to like your tacos. But what we got was thick tortillas, dry meat, and a sauce that just didn’t belong,” said judge Jock Zonfrillo. 

You can read our full exit interview with Amy here. 

Amy’s fusion tacos fell flat for the judges. (Credit: Channel 10)

Alice Han

Chef Donato Toce from Messina set the pressure test this week, which required Alice, Declan, and Grace to recreate his Messinetta in four hours and fifteen minutes. 

Whilst Declan was declared the winner, Alice’s dense and icy gelato saw her become the fifth contestant to be eliminated this season. 

Alice fell flat with her ultra icy icecream (Credit: Channel 10)

Robbie Cooper 

From the very first moment, 65-year-old Youth Support worker Robbie Cooper walked into the MasterChef kitchen, he was a fan favourite.

A proud Iwaidja man from the Northern Territory, Robbie warmed the hearts (and stomachs) of judges, fellow contestants, and viewers watching from home alike with his humble ‘Aboriginal Asian fusion’ cooking style. 

But alas, much to the heartbreak of fans tuning in across the world, Robbie was the sixth contestant to be eliminated from MasterChef: Secrets and Surprises.

You can read our full exit interview with Robbie here. 

Fans were devastated to see Robbie go. (Credit: Channel 10)

Phil Conway 

After receiving a masterclass from the renowned chef Rick Stein, the contestants were tasked with creating a calamari dish in this week’s elimination round. Although Phil’s initial dish impressed the judges with its technical execution, he fell slightly short of perfection and found himself in the second round, alongside Ralph, Malissa, and Declan.

In the second round, the contestants had the chance to choose one out of five locations inspired by Rick’s extensive travels. Their task was to craft a dish that showcased the authentic cuisine of the selected country.

Unfortunately for Phil, his spaghetti con anatra saw him become the seventh contestant eliminated.

You can read our full exit interview with Phil here. 

Phil has a bright future ahead of him. (Credit: Channel 10)

Grace Jupp

Unfortunately for Grace, it was a tricky Pho that saw her become the most recent elimination on MasterChef. 

“Practically, it was browning off my bones…which left it quite fatty at the end,” shared Grace with our sister publication WHO

“Not being super familiar with the cuisine is probably where I came down.”

And whilst her time in the kitchen may have been cut short, Grace’s experience on MasterChef saw her form close friendships with Amy, Theo, Brent, and Phil

“We were able to share lots of awesome dinners and coffees in the morning,” she explained, before hinting that she and her pals were cooking up some future plans together.

In the same interview, Grace revealed that she’s putting her money behind Brent and Theo to win. 

“I’m really hoping that either of them will go super well and make it to the end.”

It’s hard to believe Grace is only 24 years old. (Credit: Channel 10)

Antonio Cruz Vaamonde 

Unfortunately for Antonio, he just couldn’t cut it in a pastry challenge that beloved culinary legend Maggie Beer oversaw. 

Each contestant was given the choice of cooking with two unique ingredients handpicked by Maggie or taking a gamble and using a hidden ingredient, covered by a cloth. 

Whilst we admire Antonio for his bravery and choosing to go with the mystery ingredient (oranges), it didn’t pay off and he was criticised by judges for his use of white chocolate in his hazelnut cream, white chocolate ganache, and orange caramel, which they dubbed “too sweet.”

In the second round of the challenge, Antonio was ambitious, creating a goat’s cheese and kalamata caramel mille-feuille. But whilst he was praised for working together delicious flavours, his rough puff pastry ultimately sent him home. 

You can read our full exit interview with Antonio here. 

Another one bites the crust. (Credit: Channel 10)

Ralph Kahango 

Unfortunately for Ralph, his cool and calm approach to cooking in the MasterChef kitchen wasn’t enough to keep him in the competition as he ran out of time in a Peter Rabbit-inspired pressure test. 

Contestants were tasked with recreating the challenging dessert – Mr. McGregor Garden dish – by renowned Sydney-based chef Nelly Robinson. 

Ultimately, poor management of his time resulted in a dish that “lacked balance” according to judge Melissa Leong. 

“I was just trying to keep a level head, that was my thought process,” Ralph told New Idea the morning about his onscreen departure.

As the MasterChef family farewelled Ralph, judge Jock had some kind words to share. 

“We hate to see you go, mate. You’ve shown us through your dishes that you are well and truly on your way to getting to where you want to be.”

We miss Ralph already! (Credit: Channel 10)

Adi Nevagi 

Speaking with New Idea the morning after her onscreen departure, Adi admitted that she was beyond proud to have had the opportunity to cook dishes from her culture for the judges.

The 31-year-old went on to add that whilst it was “tough” to be eliminated in the way that she was, she wouldn’t change a thing. 

“It’s been surreal to watch the whole journey to be honest, and yesterday was no different,” Adi told us. 

“It was a tough day but I’m still really proud of how I went in the competition.”

You can read our full exit interview with Adi here. 

It’s easy to forget that Adi is a self taught cook. (Credit: Ten/Instagram)

Rue Mupedzi 

Fans favourite Rue Mupedzi was the latest to leave the MasterChef kitchen following a challenging pressure test overseen by three-star Michelin chef Clare Smyth. 

Alongside contestants Cath and Malissa, the trio was made to recreate a famous dish direct from the menu of Clare’s esteemed Sydney restaurant, Oncore.

With 134 steps, it was no easy feat, and whilst Rue started the challenge at a steady pace, she soon began rushing, her dish suffering in the process. 

“I was quite calm at the start of the challenge [but] towards the end I was really panicking. I realised there was still so much to do and such little time,” Rue told 10Play. 

“At the end of the day, I was really proud that I got to do the whole recipe, it’s a lot of steps, and a lot of hours [five] standing up,” she continued. 

“I was just really proud of myself because had you told me I’d get through that recipe at the start of the day…I would never have believed that.”

Rue was a ring in to win. (Credit: Ten)

Malissa Fedele 

Unfortunately for Malissa, her dreams of being a ‘MasterChef’ were cut short in the top five after she was eliminated in a dessert pantry challenge. 

With 90 minutes on the clock, the contestants were tasked with plating up sweet treats of their own creation with limited ingredients over two rounds. 

In round one, Malissa made chocolate parfait with raspberry and ginger sauce and almond crumb whilst in round two she made a hazelnut ice cream sandwich with chocolate ganache. 

Whilst the ice cream was delicious, the dominant flavour of the baking powder left a bad taste in the judge’s mouth and Malissa was sent home. 

“I was happy with the dishes that I made, and I felt so proud. There is no way I thought I’d be able to pull off two beautiful desserts in one challenge,” Malissa told 10Play. 

“I’ll always remember that cook and I’ll remember how hard I worked and how fast I pushed. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Malissa was the pasta queen of the MasterChef kitchen. (Credit: Ten)

Cath Collins

This home cook made sure to wow our judges and fans watching from home all season, but unfortunately for Cath, a few small mistakes saw her facing off in the bottom two against Brent before ultimately being sent home just days before the grand finale. 

“I was extremely proud of myself throughout the whole competition,” Cath told 10Play. 

“Even proud of myself just to take that step to apply for MasterChef, and then to get on the show, to keep going, then to go to Top 5…it was overwhelming and joyous,” she continued. 

“Joy and gratitude, those are the two words honestly.”

Cath always made sure to ‘WOW’ us in the kitchen! (Credit: Ten/Instagram)

Theo Loizou 

It was an emotional quarter finale for Melbourne-based baker Theo Loizou, the 37-year-old falling short in a high-stakes pressure test and becoming the 15th contestant to be sent home on MasterChef. 

Tasked with recreating a dish consisting of squid, scallops, and pipis without a recipe by Peter Gilmore, Executive Chef of Quay and Bennelong, our final four struggled to keep up with Peter’s pacing.

For Theo, he admitted he felt “pretty confident” about the challenge, after surviving Luke Nguyen‘s Pho Suon Bo cook-off earlier in the season. 

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be, Theo, falling behind quickly after struggling to clean the squid and remove its membrane. 

You can read our full exit interview with Theo here. 

Theo is the name, bread is the game. (Credit: Ten/Instagram)

Declan Cleary

In a high-risk high reward semi-final service challenge, it was 24-year-old Declan Cleary who hung up his apron, one spot short of securing a spot in the final two for MasterChef Australia 2023. 

Tasked with creating their own three-course menus for a room full of hungry diners, Declan, Brent, and Rhiannon were put to the test, and made to prove they could create a delicious menu, and even more importantly, prepare it in time.

Ultimately, whilst the challenge was four and a half hours long, time flew by fast and Declan found himself unable to finish all elements of his dishes to the standard he would have liked. 

You can read our full exit interview with Declan here. 

Declan just missed out on a spot in the top two. (Credit: Instagram/Ten)

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