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Married at First Sight: Jules and Cam exposed: ‘It’s all fake’

They "were paid $70,000 for the farce".
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They got married for real last year after finding love on the show, but in outrageous claims made by former MAFS contestant Nasser Sultan, the marriage between Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson is a sham and they will announce their breakup soon.

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“I checked for marriage certificates and they don’t have one!” he tells New Idea.

“Nassar claims that the marriage is a sham.” (Credit: Supplied)

Convinced news of a split is imminent, Nasser continues: “Therell be an announcement that they will break up, coming shortly, he says.

They will stay friends, but the relationship is fake.

They are allegedly paid $70,000 by Nine. (Credit: Instagram)

“Let’s not forget they are under contract with Channel Nine and were paid $70,000 for the farce!”

Nasser also thinks Jules only agreed to do it for the fame and Cam, who is a “doormat”, just went along with her.

Could they be fake? (Credit: Instagram)

Nasser ends his rant by saying of the couple: “She ain’t Meghan Markle and he’s no Prince Harry.”

Despite Nasser’s claims, Jules and Cam seem to be in love.

For more, see this week’s New Idea – out now! 

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