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Married At First Sight CHEATING scandal confirmed: Claire and Adam kissed!

It turns out Jesse's suspicions were "absolutely founded..."
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It’s been confirmed that Married At First Sight’s Claire and Adam did cheat on their respective partners, Jesse and Janelle!

In the latest MAFS episode, Claire confessed the truth to Jesse. “I’ve broken your trust. Um, that night, that we all went out and Adam I went outside, we kissed,” she said.

Jesse laughed in response before saying, “Oh that is classic. I knew it, you know? I knew something was so suss with that… My suspicions were absolutely founded. And Adam, what a dog.”

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In a previous episode of Married At First Sight, Jesse accused Claire of having an affair with Adam.

Jesse claimed that while a few current contestants were out at a pub together, Claire was flirting with Adam. He also said the two disappeared from the pub and when Claire came home, he heard her on the phone to Adam.

This led to Jesse becoming incredibly angry; he demanded to see Claire’s phone – she refused to give it to him – before storming into Adam and Janelle’s apartment at 1am in the morning. Jesse yelled at Adam and demanded to see his phone but Adam also refused.

Claire DID cheat on Jesse with Adam! (Credit: Nine)

After this incident, both Claire and Adam repeatedly denied cheating and Jesse was forced to apologise. Of course, we now know that both Claire and Adam were lying!

We shouldn’t be so surprised that Claire and Adam got together as during an appearance on the radio show, Maz & Matty for Breakfast, Claire was asked about ‘flirting’ with a fellow MAFS contestant who wasn’t Jesse.

And she hinted at the fact that she’d cheated on Jesse by saying, “I am a mischievous person,” and that she’d “maybe” chat about it publicly at a later date…

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Plus, we know that Adam said to Lyndall as she left, “Don’t go, you know that if you go, I’m going to go home with Claire.”

Oh and a source claimed to The Daily Mail that they witnessed Claire and Adam flirting with one another before kissing on that fateful night!

“Claire and Adam were all over each other the whole night, so it wasn’t surprising to be honest… They said they were just going out for a vape,” the source said before adding:

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“There was nothing to it really. It was a drunken kiss and he [Jesse] was trying to turn it into something it wasn’t.”

Married At First Sight continues Tuesday at 7.30pm on 9 and 9Now.

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