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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Alyssa opens up about her Mormon upbringing

“They have very, very strict beliefs.”
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The Mormon religion has long been branded a ‘cult’ by its harshest critics due to its strict rules and policies, and tendencies to shun ex-believers. And one person who had a front-row seat to it all is Married At First Sight’s Alyssa.

Alyssa, 35, is careful to choose her words when New Idea broaches the subject of her former religion. But the Utah-raised single mum does concede she felt much happier after breaking free of the confining church.

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Leaving when she was in her mid-teens, Alyssa, now 35, says she was unable to express any emotion other than happiness during her formative years as a Mormon – or there would be serious consequences.

“If we were angry or upset we got sent straight to our room. We’re told to turn off any emotion that’s not happy or joyful,” she tells us.

“It’s funny because I didn’t know anything else. In the Mormon religion they have very, very strict beliefs. No alcohol, no caffeine.”

Despite the harsh rules pressed upon Alyssa and her siblings, she still insists she had a “great childhood in a big, loving family”.

Alyssa, from this year’s MAFS, says the Morman religion has “very, very strict beliefs”. (Credit: Nine)

That all changed when her father made an announcement that turned Alyssa’s world upside down.

“He came out when I was 16. Soon after that, I left the church because homosexuality is frowned upon,” she candidly reveals.

“I wasn’t going to align myself with a religion that wouldn’t accept my dad for who he is.”

It also gave Alyssa and loved ones their own voice and perspective, which is a big no-no within the Mormon religion.

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“My dad coming out brought our immediate family closer together. We had no more secrets and loved and accepted each other for who we are.”

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