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MAFS star Melissa’s dedication to fiancé Bryce for his unyielding love and support

"From the moment we met, you looked out for my best interests and loved me for all that I am."
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Married At First Sight’s Melissa Rawson has shared an outpouring of love for her soon-to-be husband Bryce Ruthven as he navigates this new chapter as a dad.

WATCH BELOW: Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson hospital milestone

The couple welcomed their twin boys, Levi and Tate, 10 weeks early in October and now Melissa has shared her appreciation of Bryce’s support throughout the entire journey.

Posting a photo of Bryce in the hospital holding their premature son, while he looks on at the other, Melissa penned a touching message to her fiancé in the caption.

“From the moment we met, you looked out for my best interests and loved me for all that I am,” she wrote. “This only intensified when I fell pregnant and went into premature labour.”

bryce ruthven hospital twins
“Levi, Tate, the puppies and I are so lucky to have you.” (Credit: Instagram)

“During the birth of our babies, you made me feel comfortable, supported and encouraged the entire time,” she said.

“You did and said everything a man should do for the one he loves and I will be forever grateful to have had this during the most terrifying time of my life.”

Melissa went on to add: “The look of pure joy when our twins arrived, the days after where you continuously told me how proud you were of me, the way you take care of me while I recover physically and emotionally and the bond you already have with your sons has only made me love you more.

“Thank you @bryceruthven. Levi, Tate, the puppies and I are so lucky to have you. We love you.”

mafs melissa bryce twins
Bryce and Melissa are first-time parents to their twin boys. (Credit: Instagram)

Bryce expressed his own appreciation of Melissa, as he shared her post to his Instagram Story and wrote: “So lucky to have this gorgeous woman come into my life.”

The pair have been navigating parenthood together while their twins are being looked after in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Nursery, after being born prematurely.

The new parents have continuously shared updates on their boys to Instagram, delighting fans with all the little milestones as they inch closer to being able to take them home.

They also revealed in a video on Instagram that the boys are continuing to do well in the NICU and spoke of how their lives have changed thanks to the experience.

bryce melissa mafs
The couple have navigated this new chapter together. (Credit: Instagram)

Melissa and Bryce also celebrated Levi and Tate turning one-month-old three days ago, where they shared new photos of their babies.

“Levi and Tate have reached a huge milestone today,” Melissa penned.

“They have been in NICU since birth and even though I’d have given anything to have kept them in my tummy for a little while longer, we’ve been amazed at watching these tiny humans grow.

“Keep growing little bubbies, Mummy and Daddy love you so much.”

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