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MAFS’ Johnny reveals his ‘shocking’ body transformation

"I was just way too insecure 14 days ago."
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Married At First Sight star Johnny Balbuziente has shown off his impressive body tranformation, sharing before and after photos with fans.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Kerry surprises Johnny in their new home

Taking to Instagram on Sunday night, Johnny uploaded a series of video clips explaining that he has taken on a fitness challenge, and shared his incredible progress.

“I just wanted to jump on here and talk about what I’ve done in the last 14 days,” he began.

“So, 14 days ago I set myself a challenge that I would train two sessions a day for the next 30 days and just see what my body would do, and so today marks the 14 day mark,” he said.

mafs johnny body before and after
Johnny has shared before-and-after photos from just 14 days. (Credit: Instagram)

“The reason why I’m sharing this with you now is because I’m actually shocked at what my body has actually done,” Johnny added.

He went on to explain that he would be sharing a photo of himself that he took 14 days ago, in comparison to a photo that he just took today.

“The only reason why you’re hearing about this now is because I was just way too insecure 14 days ago and when I did this challenge it was for myself it wasn’t for anyone else,” he said.

mafs johnny balbuziente
“I’m actually shocked at what my body has actually done.” (Credit: Instagram)

Johnny also said that by sharing his journey, he hopes that he can help people with achieving goals of their own – whether it’s their physical goals or mental health goals.

“Hopefully this can send a message to somebody because I was know I was feeling really sluggish and I hadn’t gone to the gym six months prior to starting my challenge 14 days ago,” he said.

“So hopefully someone can be motivated by this, whoever needs it,” he said, before confirming his next update in a fortnight.

mafs johnny kerry
Johnny and Kerry are still together after meeting on MAFS. (Credit: Instagram)

Johnny, who met current girlfriend Kerry Knight on Married At First Sight, has been sharing all the highs and lows of his life, including his relationship.

The pair have had some pretty high highs recently, where they took a major step in their relationship and moved into their own home together.

“Here’s cheers to our next chapter @johnnybalbuziente,” Kerry penned on Instagram.

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