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FWAW’s Hayley clears up Farmer Matt dating rumours

"We speak everyday on the phone.."
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Farmer Wants A Wife’s Matt Trewin and Hayley Love had fans convinced that they rekindled their romance after the show, but the pair have finally addressed the rumours and revealed the truth about their dating status.

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Hayley, who is currently 27 weeks pregnant with her first child with co-star Farmer Will Dwyer, was originally on the show to date Farmer Matt.

After Matt sent Hayley home in favour of Tara, Hayley connected with Farmer Will after the show wrapped up, and fell pregnant soon after.

Despite all of this, fans were convinced that Hayley reunited with Matt, but she has finally addressed the rumours and cleared things up once and for all.

farmer wants a wife hayley matt
Hayley confirmed that she and Matt are not dating. (Credit: Instagram)

In an Instagram Q&A, a fan bluntly asked Hayley: “Are you back with Matt?”, to which Hayley responded with: “No I’m not.”

She went on to explain: “We speak everyday on the phone but I’ve got a little bubba on the way and all my focus is on being the best mother I can be.”

“@farmermattau has known since I was 12 weeks pregnant and has been super supportive,” she said.

“I do hope Matt finds the right gal though,” she added.

farmer wants a wife matt hayley
Matt re-shared this post to his own Instagram to clear the rumours for his followers. (Credit: Instagram)

Matt took to his own Instagram to share Hayley’s response, and added a message on top for his followers.

“For everyone who keeps asking me… here’s your answer,” he said.

Not only did Hayley clear up their dating rumours, but she also addressed her pregnancy, where a fan asked: “Who’s the dad? Please clear rumours!!”

Hayley answered the question with: “I made a statement on @newscomeauhq when this all came out. I wouldn’t say someone was the father if I wasn’t certain.”

“I won’t be discussing it again.”

farmer wants a wife hayley baby
Hayley is 27 weeks pregnant with Farmer Will’s baby. (Credit: Instagram)

In the statement to, Hayley revealed she was pregnant to Farmer Will, and that they started their relationship in December, before the reunion episode was filmed a few weeks later in January.

The pair later reconnected, and Hayley found out she was six weeks pregnant with his baby.

“On the 2nd April I left his house thinking, ‘I’m never coming back, I’m done.’ The next morning I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. I was terrified to tell him,” she wrote.

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