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Brand new TWIST for Big Brother Australia

The surprise new format has left many viewers in the lurch.
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Big Brother is set to return in 2023 with a surprising new twist, which is sure to divide fans of the beloved program.

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Announced at the network’s 2023 Upfronts media event earlier this week, it was revealed by program host Sonia Kruger that the reality show is now titled Big Brother: House of Love and will feature a house full of single players for the first ever, with Big Brother playing the role of cupid. 

In previous seasons, whilst the single and (controversially) non-single housemates have shared intimate moments together, this new format is sure to get hearts racing in a brand new way. 

“What will happen when a houseful of singles form romantic connections but then need to vote each other out?” a statement for the network reads. 

Big Brother Australia first teased the new format back in August when they posted a casting call for “single housemates to come and play Big Brother’s game”. 

Filming of Season 15 is set to start filming next week with 14 contestants.

A source confirmed to Megan Pustetto from So Dramatic! That there will be “no celebrities, just influencers”. 

After Channel Seven announced the show’s new romantic twist at their Upfronts event on Tuesday, a number of people took to social media to share their opinions.

“Ugh, I love Big Brother but this has really made me question if I’m going to watch it. There are too many ‘love’ shows, just put strangers in a house and make a show from that,” one person wrote.

“If I want to watch a show about a group of singles hooking up then that’s what Married At First Sight is for,” another added, while a third said, “Big Brother really needs to go back to the old Big Brother!”

“Really Big Brother!? Make them build parts of the house each week and the worst room has to do cooking challenges for elimination and you’ve got all reality shows covered!” someone else shared.

“Well that’s just great now Big Brother has stuffed the show right up this time,” a different user remarked. “Can’t stop shaking my head. Why do we need 20 shows of singles hooking up? It’s madness. Big mistake.”

However, others admitted they were “so excited” for the new season and can’t wait to watch it.

“I’d rather have BB on our screens than off it, so I’m happy!” 2022 housemate Aleisha Campbell commented.

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In recent years the show has seen a massive overhaul, returning to Australian screens after an eight-year absence in 2020, with a revised format that saw an emphasis on competition and gameplay, with housemates made to compete in challenges for power and safety before voting each other out of the house. 

In 2021, there was a celebrity season that saw 12 housemates compete for a $100,000 charity prize followed by another season that year that saw new housemates compete against returning housemates dubbed “Big Brother Royalty”. 

It remains to be seen if this new format will be ratings hit, but trainwreck or not, we cannot wait to see who our housemates will be, and the drama that is sure to ensue!

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