New Idea Reviews: Furbo Dog Camera

Tried and tested!

Leaving your fur baby at home when you go to work is hard enough without the added stress of wondering whether or not they’re OK or getting into mischief while you’re not there.

But thanks to the Furbo dog camera, you can now keep your pet in the palm of your hand and check up on them as often as you need. One lucky New Idea writer got
to test out the Furbo for her Maltese X: this is her verdict.

“I live in an apartment with my small dog Ted, and I’ve always wanted to know what he gets up to while I’m at work all day. When I heard about the Furbo dog camera, I got so excited at the idea of checking in on my little buddy throughout the day! Even better, I’m able to hear what’s going on and talk to him if needed. If I get alerts that he is barking, I can quickly jump on and soothe him. I can even throw him treats for being a good boy and have recorded a personal message with my voice for each time [the machine] dispenses the treats!

“Admittedly, I was slightly worried about my electricity bill going up with the Furbo plugged in all day, but fortunately I’m able to turn the camera on and off remotely so that nothing is transmitted and no energy is wasted.

“In addition, I don’t have to leave lights on if I’m out at night to keep watch because the Furbo has night vision, so I can see my dog clearly without racking up my power bill.

Easily connecting to my wi-fi and accessible through an app on my iPhone, discovering the secret life of dogs has never been easier!”

Furbo Dog Camera, $359, available here.

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