EXPERT ADVICE: How to keep your pets safe and happy in summer

Help your fur babies feel good in the warmer months.
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While summer means more fun times spent outside in the sunshine, the hot weather can be harsh on our four-legged friends.

To make sure our fur pals stay safe Petstock’s vet, Dr Nick Emerton, shares his advice on keeping them happy and healthy through the heat.

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Shady solutions

It’s prime time to make the most of the outdoors, but make sure you have a shady spot in the garden for your furry friend to cool down. “The sun can be relentless, but with the right shade and hydration, your pets can stay cool and content,” says Dr Emerton. No shelter? No problem. A market umbrella is a great solution to provide your pet with some temporary shade. 

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TIP: Have a constant supply of clean, fresh water for your pet. (Credit: Getty)

Splash out

Who says us humans have to have all the fun? Spoil your fur baby with activities to help keep them cool. “From toys to wading pools and damp towels, there’s an abundance of options to keep your pets entertained and refreshed,” suggests Dr Emerton.

Safety first

While they might be coated in fur, our pets can still get sunburnt – just like us! “Ensure your pets’ sensitive areas are shielded from harmful UV rays,” says Dr Emerton. “With pet-friendly sunscreen, you can confidently protect them from the sun’s intensity.”

TIP: Never leave your pets alone in a parked car on scorching days. “It’s simply not worth the risk,” stressed Dr Emerton. “Keep your pets at home or bring them with you when it’s safe.” (Credit: Getty)

Protect those paws

We’re lucky to have comfy shoes to shield our feet, but the same can’t be said for our pets. “Hot pavements can turn a leisurely stroll into a painful experience,” says Dr Emerton. “Before venturing out, use your hand to gauge if the ground is too hot for your pet’s paws.” Also, avoid taking your dog for a walk during the middle of the day. “Opt for morning or evening walks when the pavement is cooler, or walk on the grass where it won’t be as hot,” Dr Emerton suggests.

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