Keep your pup’s belly full with these dog food subscriptions

Without having to hurt the bank account either.

Trying to get our furry friends on a well-balanced and healthy – yet utterly delicious – meal plan is one of life’s greatest challenges.

Not only do we need to worry about the nutritional value, but we also need to know with certainty that they’ll actually eat it before we fork out the big bucks.

After all, dog food doesn’t come cheap. Which is why you might be so inclined to consider a dog food subscription that will do wonders for the budget, while still maintaining quality.

If the ease and convenience of a dog food delivery service appeal to you (and your pooch), below we’ve gathered some of the best in Australia to try right now.

The best dog food subscriptions in Australia 2024

Pet post subscription box
(Credit: PetPost)

Dog food subscription box at PetPost

Sign up for a personalised delivery service directing your dog’s fave foods straight to your door. Featuring a selection of Australia’s leading pet brands at oh-so-low prices, forget monthly trips lugging kilos of dog food to the car, and enjoy the benefits of door-step delivered nutrient-rich kibble. 


(Credit: Lyka)

Fresh dog food and treats subscription at Lyka

Set your pup up with pre-portioned meals, frozen for freshness, after answering a few easy questions about them and Lyka will create a tailored meal plan. You can choose between recipe mixes and portion sizes based on your dog’s unique nutrient needs.


frontier pets
(Credit: Frontier Pets)

Set and forget free-range dog food membership, from $49.95 at Frontier Pets

Your Frontier Pets membership and dog food membership is a set-and-forget priority auto-delivery service. All you have to do is set the frequency of deliveries you require, and your order will be at your doorstep based on your preferred schedule.


Petzyo dog food subscription
(Credit: Petzyo)

Kibble that counts salmon & ocean fish, $102 at Petzyo

Petzyo is well covered on the needs and wants of your pets, offering an array of mixed goodies that are sure to impress your four-legged friend and the VET come their next visit. Choose from a combination of chicken & turkey, kangaroo & sweet potato or salmon & ocean fish for your monthly Petzyo delivery. 


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