Common health issues for guinea pigs

And how you can prevent them

Guinea pigs make 
a great pet for our children, but when it comes 
to their health, there are a few problems that they might suffer. Here, Dr Alanna Cannone from Greencross Vets  reveals the most common health issues for guinea pigs and how you can prevent them…

Vitamin C Deficiency
A common yet preventable health condition in guinea pigs is vitamin C deficiency. This can cause serious pain and discomfort but is easily avoidable by including 30mg of vitamin C in your guinea pig’s daily diet. If your guinea pig exhibits signs of weakness with swollen joints, rough hair coat and diarrhoea, visit your local vet and seek assistance on the most effective way to boost vitamin C in a guinea pig’s diet.

Guinea pigs are appealing hosts for mites, and when they become infected, guinea pigs suffer hair loss, intense itchiness, and discomfort. If you are finding that your pet 
is suffering from mites, seek advice from your local vet on the best medication. Cleaning the cage regularly helps in minimising the spread of mites. Mites are difficult to detect so seek advice from your vet if constant itchiness and scratching occurs.

Dental disease
This is a health problem that causes severe discomfort and pain for guinea pigs. But feeding your guinea pig an appropriate diet will help avoid the issue. Guinea pigs’ teeth are constantly growing, so it’s recommended that you provide fibrous materials such as grass, grass hay or leafy green vegetables for them to chew on. If you do notice symptoms such as drooling or harder than normal droppings, or any of the other problems mentioned, visit your local Greencross Vet to investigate.

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