Pregnant Pokemon Go player intentionally run over by car!

Teen was forced to deliver her baby early after terrifying hit-and-run

A pregnant teen in the US has been hit by a car while glued to her phone playing Pokemon Go.

Kaitlyn Shelton was playing the addictive augmented reality game at around 10pm in Missouri when she was involved in a terrifying hit-and-run that nearly cost both her life and that of her unborn child.

The unconscious 18-year-old was rushed to hospital, where she was forced to undergo a C-section at 38-weeks to save her baby’s life.

Kaitlyn Shelton was left battered and bruised – and requiring an emergency C-section – after being hit by a car while playing Pokemon Go (Credit: Fox4KC News)
The 18-year-old was intentionally ploughed down by the driver of a Dodge Caravan while out playing the augmented reality game with her sister at 10pm in Missouri, US (Credit: Fox4KC News)

When she came around in the hospital, Kaitlyn – who thankfully only suffered scrapes, bruises and swollen legs in the crash – was inconsolable thinking she had lost her unborn child.

‘I woke up thinking I needed to get my baby out. They had to tie me down for a while because I wouldn’t stop freaking out,’ she tells Fox4KC News.

Fortunately, the healthy baby boy – named Joshua Miles Shelton – was delivered safely.

Fortunately, baby Joshua Miles Shelton was born safe and well at 38 weeks (Credit: Fox4KC News)

According to the victim’s sister, Ashley Shelton, Kaitlyn was intentionally hit by the driver of the Dodge Caravan, who, after narrowly missing her on his first approach, then reversed into her.

‘I remember seeing her get hit and she landed on the ground. That van reversed some more and ran her legs over,’ Ashley recounts. ‘She was face-down, belly-down. I honestly did not know if my sister was alive or dead at that point.’

The teen’s legs were crushed under the car, which reversed into her after narrowly missing her on its first approach (Credit: Fox4KC News)
Kaitlyn’s sister Ashley (left) says she ‘did not know if my sister was alive or dead’ after the horrifying incident (Credit: Fox4KC News)

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