The 4 zodiac signs that need to watch out for tonight’s Sturgeon moon

It’s an ‘ultra-dramatic supermoon’
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Tonight is the August full moon, also known as the Sturgeon moon because tonight is a great time to catch sturgeon… if you live in the northeastern part of the US.

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For those of us not interested in fishing, there’s another exciting fact about tonight’s moon – it’s a dang supermoon, guys. 

And, according to astrology writer Brittany Beringer, it’s an ultra-dramatic supermoon. Apparently it’s a good time to dig deeper into our emotions and spend some time spiritually reconnecting with ourselves. 

Now like all astrological events, different signs will be impacted differently. So, here are the four signs most likely to be impacted by tonight’s moon.

This sturgeon is definitely a Taurus. (Credit: Getty)


Taurus’ have had a lucky month, but it hasn’t been without its difficulties. If the triple conjunction between Mars, Uranus, and the north node of destiny hasn’t helped things calm down in your life yet then tonight is a great chance to pause and reflect.

Use this time to find the rituals that ground you and hopefully they can bring some peace to your work and private life.


Leo’s may face some relationship turbulence following the full moon as the luna movement pulls on your heart strings. Be sure to stay true to yourself and don’t allow your heart to lead blindly.

Rember, it’s your season, stay true to yourself and your boundaries.

The moon
The moon is so dramatic. (Credit: Getty)


Tonight’s moon could cause some inner turmoil for Scorpio’s as you try to balance your emotional side with the barriers that guard you from heartache.

Use this night to recalibrate those guards and find what’s actually working for you and what’s stopping you from emotionally progressing in your relationships.


Alright Aquarians grab a mirror because tonight you’re becoming your own best friend. This lunationation is an opportunity for you to embrace your quirks and celebrate how much you have grown recently, not height-wise, but emotionally.

You may feel a need to be more serious in the coming days so don’t forget your fun side, it’s what we like about you.

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