Another Block cheating scandal? Omar & Oz under investigation!

Serious questions are raised when Ronnie returns and discovers a massive secret!
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Just when we thought The Block couldn’t nail any more drama, in walks former Blockhead Ronnie. 

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Fans of the show will know there’s never a dull moment whenever he is around, so it comes as no surprise that it doesn’t take long for the 46-year-old to uncover a secret that leaves the contestants furious.

After paying a visit to Omar and Oz’s house, whispers soon circulate around the site that there are some “dodgy” dealings going down. 

“Something is not adding up,” former-villain-turned-resident-detective Ronnie explains.

The Block
Omar and Oz’s finances are under scrutiny. (Credit: Nine Network)

After competing on the show twice himself, Ronnie knows a thing or two about The Block finances.

And after some serious sleuthing, he feels it would be impossible for Omar and Oz to be coming in under budget. 

A Channel Nine insider tells New Idea that cheating concerns have been raised about the best mates from Sydney and how they’ve been paying for tradies.

There are also wild allegations made that they are actually getting family and friends to help out and complete the work for free! 

The Block
Keith and Scotty are suspicious! (Credit: Nine Network)

Sources say it’s a worry, a notion shared by foreman Keith ‒ who, we hear, confronts Omar and Oz, questioning them on the unusually high number of tradies they have working on their home. 

The insider shares that the 30-year-old friends are quick to fire back though, and promise they’re doing everything completely by the book. 

But Ronnie isn’t convinced, with the source revealing he even pulls the other contestants aside to stir the pot over the scandal. 

The Block
Omar and Oz have quickly become fan favourites! (Credit: Nine Network)

A Channel Nine insider shares that Ronnie’s return catches all the Blockheads off guard but for Rachel, 36, it’s enough to send her into a tailspin. 

The on-set spy says the mum of three is reduced to tears when she discovers that Ronnie is – very controversially – helping another couple with their house!

It comes after Scotty Cam calls in Ronnie to help one of The Block couples with their painting and Rachel feels it’s unfair, leaving her to make the dramatic declaration that the competition is “rigged”.  

“I just want to feel like it’s fair … it’s not what I thought it was going to be.

“It doesn’t feel fair. And this should be a competition that is fair,” she says.

So will Rachel end up hanging up her tool belt? 

Well, she’s already complained about favouritism among the judges, saying: “The judges hate us! The whole competition’s rigged!”

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