Warning issued after Squid Game TikTok challenge leaves child in hospital

"It’s shocking that such a simple act, like making honeycomb, could have such serious consequences."
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A viral TikTok challenge inspired by Netflix series Squid Game has sparked major concerns after another child was hospitalised after attempting the hack at home.

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In the popular series, one of the tasks included carving a shape into a piece of Korean Dalgona candy, or honeycomb, without breaking it.

The challenge has since made its way onto TikTok, where users are trying to recreate the task themselves.

However, it’s now been dubbed as dangerous after a number of children were hospitalised after attempting the trend.

squid games netflix honeycomb
Squid Game has inspired concerning TikTok trends. (Credit: Netflix)

Women’s and Children’s Hospital Burns Specialist Dr Amy Jeeves has issued a warning via 7NEWS about the potential dangers of cooking honeycomb.

“You need to heat up the sugar to about 145C, the contact time for the extra hot sticky liquid is what causes the severe burns,” Dr Amy said.

Over the last month, three children were admitted to hospital with injuries ranging from mild scalds to nerve damage from handling hot honeycomb.

squid games honeycomb
The handling of hot honeycomb can cause severe burns. (Credit: Netflix)

One of the children was 14-year-old Aiden who suffered deep burns to his hand and nerve damage to his leg.

“It’s shocking that such a simple act, like making honeycomb, could have such serious consequences,” his mother Helena told

“A lot of kids his age are watching Squid Game. It’s very popular and Aiden was trying to recreate the honeycomb with the imprint on it,” she said.

“He looked it up on TikTok on how to create it.”

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