The Queen’s panic over Archie and Lilibet: “Bring the kids home!”

"It’s clear that in America they aren’t safe."
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After it was revealed last month that the Queen asked the Sussex family to Balmoral for a summer holiday – despite the obvious friction between Prince Harry and the royals – insiders were quick to scoff.

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“There was no such invite,” snipped American newspaper the New York Post.

However, another insider has come forward to tell New Idea exclusively that the Queen’s apparent olive branch does exist – and has less to do with smoothing tension and everything to do with keeping her great-grandchildren safe.

Our insider claims the Queen was “horrified” to learn that Prince Harry, 37, and Meghan, 41, have faced six shocking security scares in the past 14 months at their California mansion

Queen Elizabeth
A series of security scares have rattled the monarch. (Credit: Getty)

Two of those occurred when the couple was at home with their kids, Archie, three, and Lilibet, one.

“Despite it all, Harry is still her grandson and her number one concern is his safety,” says a source. 

“Her Majesty is stunned to learn that they insist on continuing to live in America when their security is quite clearly under threat – she wants them to think of how this might be affecting the children.”

The news comes as Harry continues to wage war against the British Home Office and Metropolitan Police for refusing to offer a Royal Protection detail whenever his family is back in the UK. 

Harry and Meghan
“It’s clear that in America they aren’t safe.” (Credit: Getty)

He cites that his own well-paid American muscle in the States is unable to be legally armed in England. 

“The Queen is between a rock and a hard place there, because as much as she wants Harry to feel comfortable when he’s home, it is quite improper for a non-working royal to have taxpayer-funded guards,” says our source. 

“But it’s clear that in America, the Sussexes aren’t safe. So she’s willing to put all their unresolved issues aside and bring them home to Balmoral for a little break.”

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At the 96-year-old monarch’s Scottish estate, where she traditionally vacations in the warmer months, guests come under the protection of her own police officers, who are specially trained for the position.

“Harry and Meghan seem reluctant, but she’s urging them to take up her offer,” says a source. 

“She hopes that having the Sussexes under her roof will be beneficial and give them all a chance to sort out their drama.”

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