Fans applaud Peppa Pig’s inclusivity in history-breaking new episode

The series is now 18 years old!
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Popular British children’s show Peppa Pig has introduced its first same-sex couple this week – following years of calls for more diverse characters on the show. 

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The episode, titled ‘Families’ saw Peppa Pig’s friend Penny introduce her mothers.

As Penny the polar bear drew a portrait of her family, she explained “I live with my mummy and my other mummy. One mummy is a doctor and one mummy cooks spaghetti.”

The episode comes two years after a petition was created demanding a “same-sex parent family” on the show which gained over 24,000 signatures. 

“Children watching Peppa Pig are at an impressionable age,” the petition explained. 

“Excluding same-sex families will teach them that only families with either a single parent or two parents of different sexes are normal.”

Peppa Pig
Penny and her mums. (ABC: iview)

The episode marks the first time the show has featured a same-sex couple since its debut in 20004 – almost 18 years ago. 

Peppa Pig isn’t the first children’s program to feature same-sex couples. In 2019 the US cartoon Arthur won praise after it showed a gay wedding during its 22nd series. 

The reaction to the latest Peppa Pig episode has been overwhelmingly positive – with many applauding its inclusivity. 

“Well what do you know? My kids saw the first same-sex couple on Peppa Pig and the world didn’t end,” commented one sarcastic parent. 

“About damn time,” wrote another. 

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig has aired for 18 years. (ABC: iview)

The new episode comes at a time of increased scrutiny over LGBTQ representation in children’s television and media. 

A number of countries banned Pixar’s Toy Story spinoff Lightyear from theatres this year due to a kiss between lesbian characters. 

The censorship of kids shows has also affected some Aussie favourites as well – with the popular Bluey running into issues in the US thanks to a fart-focused episode

The episode titled “Family Meeting” was absent from Disney+, with a Disney Braded Television employee explaining the situation to blog Pirates and Princesses

“‘Family Meeting’ will roll out on US platforms soon. Some of the Bluey content did not meet Disney Junior broadcast S&P in place at the time the series was acquired” the email explained. 

“Now that it is rolling out on other platforms, it is a great opportunity to reevaluate which is what we plan to do.”

Bluey was recently caught up in a censorship issue in the US. (ABC: iview)

Artist, television host, comedian and author Anh Do also had his children’s book series banned in an American public school district.

The 17-book series, which focuses on the immigrant experience and people of colour was banned because it “leaned towards indoctrination material” in 2020 and was only overturned in January this year. 

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