Nationals MP Andrew Broad shock ‘sugar baby’ secret

The married politician is caught out.
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Married politician Andrew Broad has been caught out with a sugar baby from a “seeking arrangements” website he used to meet younger girls while he was away on work trips.

While spending an evening in the company of blonde beauty Amy – who uses the online alias “Sweet Sophia Rose” and is almost 20 years his junior – the MP bragged about his “important” position in parliament, practised his official speeches and even referred to himself as “James Bond” in an attempt to seduce her.

Having met through a website for sugar daddy arrangements, in which a well-off and usually older man is willing to spend his wealth on an attractive younger woman in exchange for her company, Amy has now brazenly lifted the lid on the man she says is not fit to represent Australia.

andrew broad

“I don’t think someone like that should be in a position of power and making decisions for the country while being so deceiving himself,” she says.

“I think it’s pretty strange and risky of him to send me photos of him on the news. It appears he wanted to show off and told me he was a very important person.”

So shocked by his bold behaviour, Amy exclusively revealed to New Idea how she met up with the Australian minister last month at the expensive Aqua restaurant in Hong Kong. 

However, during the intimate dinner, things quickly turned sour after Andrew, 43, complained about the menu prices, boasted relentlessly about his new role as assistant minister to the deputy prime minister and began to act inappropriately.

Andrew recently hit the headlines as the first federal Nationals MP to publicly call for the embattled former deputy PM Barnaby Joyce to quit over his controversial affair with former staffer Vikki Campion.

MP Andrew Broad resigns over ‘sugar baby’ secret
Amy exclusively revealed to New Idea how she met up with the Australian minister (Credit: Supplied)

Amy said she agreed to dine with him because they had been speaking via text message for over a month.

“When he first messaged I checked his profile and it said he was 36 years old and from Australia. Other men that message appeared to be a lot older, so I thought I would see what he was like, and at first, the conversation was really normal. He would tell me about his weekend and going to the cinema.”

But shortly after the romantic date was locked in, Broad bombarded the expat with text messages that quickly turned to a more sexual nature.

At one point the man who describes himself as “deeply committed to supporting Australian farming” on his website, wrote, “I’m an Aussie lad, I know how to ride a horse, fly a plane and f–k my woman. My intentions are completely dishonourable.”


According to Amy, Broad later sent her a text message saying, “I’ve booked a flashy room to seduce you back to.”

“He was always so forward and cocky,” she says, explaining that her profile made it clear she would not be intimate on dates.

“He was so sure of himself.”

Keeping up her end of the deal, Amy decided to give Andrew a chance and met him as agreed at the exclusive sky bar with city views.

“He kept commenting on prices and how expensive they were,” she says. “It made everything so awkward from the start. He told me he was in Hong Kong for a conference but he shouldn’t have been here at all. He kept saying that he was very important and that when he left he was going to have to throw away his phone. He referred to himself as James Bond numerous times.”

“He gave me his election speech as to why he should be voted in by the public and I stopped listening because he was so arrogant,” she says.

“He kept grabbing my hand and putting it on his leg, so I excused myself and went to the bathroom and when I came back I told him I was leaving.”

Amy says she received a final text thanking her for dinner and she then decided to block Andrew.

“He led me to believe he was younger and he wasn’t pleasant to be around. I know some people wouldn’t understand the premise of the site but in a lot of cases like mine, it’s simply dinner and a chat, and that’s not what he was looking for.”

* In response to this story, Mr Broad comments: “I have been advised that the person making the allegation may have engaged in criminal activity. This matter has been reported to the Australian Federal Police and I will not be making any further comment.”

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