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My Kitchen Rules is back and bigger than ever before, with Nigella Lawson, Manu Feildel, and Colin Fassnidge travelling the country to uncover Australia’s very best home cooks. 

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We can’t believe that we’re already at the grand-final of MKR, with only Radha & Prabha vs Nick & Christian left.

Scroll through to discover who has been eliminated so far.

The Gatecrashers MKR 2023

MKR 2023 gate crashers Amber and Melisa. (Credit: Seven)

Amber and Melissa: Eliminated

Get ready for these besties to break into song and dance while cooking up a storm in the MKR kitchen…

These two feel like a replacement of Coco and Pearl, since Amber is ready to bring the drama. Whereas Mel tries to keep the constructive criticism diplomatic, but will still tell you what you can improve on.

MKR 2023 gate crashers Aaron and Chris. (Credit: Seven)

Aaron and Chris: Eliminated

Aaron and Chris are sure going to bring the heat with their love of meat! Bonding over their love of BBQ, Aaron and Chris hit it off in 2018 and have been travelling around Australia winning barbecue competitions ever since.

We’re already drooling over their famous pork crackling, which has to be pretty good since Aaron is an ex-butcher who runs the countries “largest BBQ-dedicated YouTube channel.”

MKR 2023 gate crashers Patricija and Brigita. (Credit: Seven)

Patricija and Brigita: Eliminated 

We can already tell that these “intense and opinionated” Lithuanian sisters Patricija and Brigita are going to bump heads with fellow gatecrashers Amber and Melisa. 

Patricija is a criminal defence solicitor who “rubs people the wrong way” with her dry sense of humour. While Brigita is chilled, easy-going and goes with the flow!

It’ll be interesting to see how they go when tasting food, since Patricija doesn’t eat seafood or lamb, while Brigita is more adventurous and eats her steak blue.

The Originals MKR 2023

Besties with “piping hot chemistry”. (Credit: Seven)

Tommy and Rach: Eliminated

Best friends with “piping hot chemistry,” Tommy and Rach will be representing Western Australia in the upcoming season. While the affectionate touches and shared glances may lead you to believe they’re in a relationship, the housemates assure it isn’t romantic. 

“Our relationship is almost as if we are dating, it’s a little bit complicated,” Tommy told Channel Seven. 

“We are not in a relationship romantically,” add Rach.”

The sweetest mother-son duo! (Credit: Seven)

Sonia and Marcus: Eliminated

This Adelaide-based mother and son duo love each other deeply – but fight like cats and dogs!

The real question is whether they be able to keep their tempers under control, or if the heat will become too hot to bear…

Sonia, a perfectionist, says she often gets frustrated by the “tornado” her son leaves behind. 

“If they [the judges and the guest teams] could see what was going on, they would think they were at the circus,” Sonia laughs to the camera while cooking away in their instant restaurant.

They describe themselves as “twin-dians.” (Credit: Seven)

Radha and Prabha: GRAND FINAL

These identical twins from NSW are here to cook dishes in the MKR kitchen that have some serious heart (and heat). 

Describing themselves as “twin-dians” the inseparable sisters say they can read each other’s minds, but only time will tell if that proves to be a competitive advantage in the kitchen! 

The sisters have made it to the grand final against Nick and Christian, who will come out on top?

These two feisty besties are from NSW. (Credit: Seven)

Coco and Pearls: Eliminated

These two feisty besties from NSW may just be a culinary match in heaven. With New Zealand-born pop singer, Coco,31, joining to improve her skills in the kitchen and Pearls,36, being a fine dining connoisseur, these two are brining some flavour to the kitchen!

“You never leave hungry when I cook,” Pearls told Seven, who she admits is known for her “homemade gnocchi with forest mushrooms from my home country Czech Republic.” 

Nick and Christian can be competitive. (Credit: Seven)

Nick and Christian: GRAND FINAL

As a restaurant supervisor and a venue manager, respectively, Christian and Nick understand the pressures of working in a kitchen. During lockdown, the best mates of 12 years began sharing their cooking masterpieces on TikTok, amassing 900k views. 

“My mother started my cooking journey, teaching me dishes she would make for us. After I started working in hospitality, I was inspired to learn more,” Nick told Seven. 

Seven revealed the boys can be quite competitive, and the team on their radar is Radha and Prabha who they are versing in the Grand Final.

This MKR couple is going to steal hearts. (Credit: Seven)

Claudean and Anthony: Eliminated

This fiery Italian and chill Samoan husband-and-wife duo are bound to capture viewers hearts. When asked why they wanted to compete on MKF, Anthony responded: “To show off my wife’s cooking skills.”

The duo run a food market stall where they sell traditional Italian dishes, sauces and desserts. 

Find out who wins the MKR Grand Final tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Seven and Seven Plus.

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