JonBenet Ramsey: Weirdest theories uncovered

In the wake of a shock confession
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During the two-decade- long search for JonBenet’s killer, an array of bizarre theories have surfaced about the case.

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JonBenet Ramsey
(Credit: Austalscope)

Santa Claus came under suspicion by some – specifically a Father Christmas impersonator called Bill McReynolds.

Two nights before JonBenet’s death, he was at the Ramsey house dressed as the jolly old bearded man.

He reportedly gave JonBenet a card that read:

‘You will receive a very special gift after Christmas.’

The message led some to believe he was the killer.

McReynolds claimed he was innocent and he died in 2002.

That wasn’t the only bizarre theory surrounding the case.

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JonBenet Ramsey
(Credit: Australscope)

A 2014 YouTube video claimed that JonBenet’s murder was staged and the former child beauty queen is actually alive and well living as pop star Katy Perry. The video cited lyrics from Perry’s songs, and claimed that the two look alike.

Finally, could a creature have killed JonBenet?

Animal hairs were found on JonBenet’s body and on the duct tape covering her mouth, which led to some theories that an animal, such as an owl or a beaver, killed her.

But that doesn’t explain who created the homemade garrotte around her neck.

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