Angie Kent slams “bizarre” debate over the word mother

“I think labelling it mother is really taking that inclusivity away from so many people."
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Angie Kent and Yvie Jones have hit back at recent changes in government forms, arguing that the cancellation of gender-inclusive trials are a step backwards and “such a waste of time and money.”

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The pair spoke on the proposed changes on this week’s episode of Two Girls One Pod, explaining to listeners why they disagree with the latest actions of the government. 

Ex-Labor leader and Minister for the NDIS and government services, Bill Shorten announced that the term ‘mother’ would replace ‘birthing parent’ on government forms for new parents. 

Bill Shorten
Bill Shorten defended his decision to cancel the trial. (Credit: Getty)

New consent forms had previously been introduced at three hospitals across Australia in a trial period, which used the term birthing parent instead of mother to include transgender men and non-binary people who give birth. 

However, the trial was quickly cancelled after three weeks, with Bill Shorten reversing the decision. 

He explained his decision to the Sydney Morning Herald, telling them “I’m sure my instinct to defuse ugly culture wars is right.”

The ex-Labor leader further argued that the term ‘birthing parent’ would cause confusion among those in Australia who were not aware of gender-neutral titles such as migrant families.

Angie and Yvie
Both Yvie and Angie disagreed with the move. (Credit: Instagram)

However, both Yvie and Angie disagreed with the move, with Yvie explaining that she thinks this is “a step backwards.”

“Birthing parent is very inclusive, wide-ranging, because there are a lot of humans who are birthing parents. And there are a lot of humans who can’t be birthing parents. I think labelling it ‘Mother’ is really taking that inclusivity away from so many people.”

Angie agreed, describing the move as “bizarre and so disappointing.”

Angie and Yvie
The pair were equally confused on why the change was approved. (Credit: Ten)

“How much money did it cost for them to have to go in and change this?” She went on to question.

The pair were equally confused on why the change was approved, believing it to be an unwarranted decision that “no one asked for,” especially since the move is less inclusive. 

“It is 2022, why are we doing this is the question that I want to ask,” remarked Angie

Yvie also pointed out the accuracy of the term ‘birthing parent,’ explaining that terms such as parent, primary caregiver, next of kin and guardian have been regularly used in the past and are a positive and affirming tool for inclusion. 

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