Pregnant model sizzles in bikini shoot

Shows the world just how gorgeous a baby bump can be!
Image: Getty.

French model Tina Kunakey is all about body confidence no matter what stage of life she is going through.

And the 21-year-old was never going to let pregnancy slow her down.

A quick scroll through her Instagram account will bear that out.

The olive-skinned beauty had no hesitation is sharing snaps that showed her blooming belly in all its glory and we are so here for that.

Tina Kunakey
Ta-dah! Baby on board. (Image: Instagram/@Tinakunakey)

Obviously pregnancy is a completely natural part of many women’s lives and not something that ought to be hidden away.

Indeed, a burgeoning belly is beautiful and if you fancy showing it off, then we recommend you go for it. It’s your body after all. This is certainly the attitude that Tina took throughout her pregnancy.

Tina Kunakey
One sexy mama. (Image: Instagram/@Tinatunakey)

The long-time beach fan continued to wear her beloved bikinis and did not hesitate to have pics snapped of her in all of her baby-on-board glory.

Needless, the images are breath-taking. Sure, she’s a professional model and obviously got genes on her side. Plus, she’s just 21 years old and her physique is magnificent.

But we’d love to see all women following in Tina’s footsteps and celebrating their shape – baby on board or not.

Tina Kunakey
Tina – killing it in retro, high-waisted two-piece. (Image: Instagram/@Tinakunakey)

Incredibly, Tina, who gave birth to her baby in April 2019, is already looking slim. But, it’s possible lack of sleep and a smattering of stress is doing that to her.

The model posted a picture of a pillow with the inscription, ‘How do you turn three hours of sleep into eight’ to her Instagram account before sharing that her new baby daughter was keeping her awake throughout the night. 

Vincent Cassel
Vincent, 52, and Tina, 21. New parents. (Image: Instagram/@Vincentcassel)

Husband actor Vincent Cassel, 52, answered her question with just two words – ‘You don’t’.

Ah well. We can say this to Tina – it does get better. And in the meantime if you’re feeling low at any point, go back and check out those pregnancy bikini shots. They’re enough to make anyone feel good!

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