Is your sports bra sabotaging your workout?

Turns out, the wrong bra can do serious damage. Follow these simple steps to keep the girls happy.
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Finding the best sports bra for your body shape can be a challenge, especially when you want one that looks good and does its job.

Support is key, because as Triumph Bra Stylist Paula Svoboda says, “Ill-fitting sports bras are not only uncomfortable but they can lead to back, shoulder, breast or neck pain.”

According to a recent Triumph study, breasts can move an average of 10cm in three different directions during high intensity training or running, so ensuring you are properly supported is essential. And if you don’t? “Not getting the right support can cause irreversible breast sag,” Paula says, adding that even women with smaller breasts are at risk.

Having fitted over 50,000 women, Paula knows a thing or two about boobs and bras. Here are her hot tips: 

Wear a bra tailored to your workout.

 “If you prefer a cardio workout, look for styles that have been tested and certified to provide a high level of bounce reduction,” Paula explains. 

And if you’re up for a sweat-fest, “make sure your bra is made from anti-bounce compression fabrics and feature moisture management properties”.

Always get professionally fitted.

Most of us assume that if you’ve been fitted once before, you won’t need to be fitted again. Not so. Paula recommends getting fitted for a sports bra once or twice a year saying, “your body is constantly changing, and without a properly fitting bra, you compromise your comfort and support”.

Upgrade it, often.

Unlike some items of clothing you can wear time and time again, Paula recommends replacing your favourite sports bra about every six to 12 months – ensuring you’re fitted each time.

“80% of bust support comes from the under band so you need to ensure that remain firm” she explains, “if the elastic fibers start to perish and it doesn’t feel as secure as when you first started wearing it, then it’s time for a replacement”.

Know your size

Other than it not feeling quite right, how do we know we are wearing the wrong size?

Firstly, Paula says to check if the back of the bra is sitting level with the front. She says, “If it is riding up or sliding around as you move, that means the band is too big and you need to wear a smaller band size.”

Secondly, take note of what the straps are doing. “The straps should feel firm and comfortable and should not be digging in or sliding down the shoulders”, Paula explains.

Lastly, although it might seem obvious, ensure your breasts are filling the cup properly. “If your breasts are not filling the cup or there’s excess flesh spilling over the top and sides of the bra, you are wearing the wrong cup size” Paula explains.

Triumph Ambassador jess Hart, loves the new Triaction by Triumph range
Triumph Ambassador Jess Hart. Photo Credit: Triumph

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