Tenders, nuggets and schnitzel: v2food debuts plant-based chicken range

Three new varieties to choose from!
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Leading plant-based meat company v2food has launched its first line of plant-based chicken products, including crumbed tenders, nuggets and schnitzel.

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The new products mark v2food’s third plant-based protein innovation after its v2mince, v2burger, v2sausage, and most recently the launch of pork in Asia.

As for the new products, they’re said to have all the juiciness, texture and flavour of chicken and are ready to be used for your favourite recipes.

v2nuggets, v2schnitzel and v2tenders are Australian-made from soy, with no artificial colours or flavours, non-GMO and with the healthy benefits of protein, fibre and iron.

v2food plant based chicken
v2nuggets, v2schnitzel and v2tenders have launched as part of the new range. (Credit: Supplied)

Traditional Southern-style v2tenders have a mouth-watering crispy golden layer topped with tasty southern herbs and spices whilst v2schnitzel is a rustic style, in a crunchy golden crumb sprinkled with delicious herbs and cracked pepper.

The v2tenders come in a 6 pack in at $8, and the v2schnitzel comes in a 2 pack at $8. Both products will be available to shop in early May.

The v2nuggets on the other hand will be available exclusively through food service in the coming months, with more information to come.

v2food plant based chicken
“We are thrilled to unveil our delicious plant-based chicken products for everyone to enjoy.” (Credit: Supplied)

For v2food founder and CEO Nick Hazell, this new offering is the latest step towards the company’s goal to develop a global sustainable food system.

“Recent data tells us that 63% of Aussies are now open to buying plant-based meat as long as it tastes good,” he said.

“In order to make a real difference to our planet, we need to create delicious, sustainable alternatives of the foods we love to make the switch easy and tasty for meat lovers.

“We are thrilled to unveil our delicious plant-based chicken products for everyone to enjoy.”

v2food plant based chicken
v2food’s Food Truck will also be making a road trip up the East Coast. (Credit: Supplied)

To celebrate the launch of the plant-based chicken range, v2food’s Food Truck will be making a road trip up the East Coast from 18–25 March, giving Aussies the opportunity to have an exclusive first taste of the v2tenders and v2schnitzel.

Starting at Melbourne Street Eatz Festival, then off to the hometown of v2’s factory in Wodonga Square, the truck will pop up in Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle and finish off with a final event in Byron Bay.

You can follow the truck’s movements via v2food’s website, linked here.

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