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Earlier this year, fans were delighted to hear that Tasty Toobs were officially returning to shelves after six long years.

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Now, they’ll rejoice once more upon the news that the beloved snack is not only here to stay, but Tasty Toobs has moved forward with additional production in Australia.

Producing the snack on home soil means Tasty Toobs will be able to keep up with popular demand, and ensure that passionate fans can continue to get their hands on the product.

tasty toobs
Tasty Toobs are now available for good. (Credit: Supplied)

Tasty Toobs are now back on shelves and available in supermarkets across the country, with the first Australian packets already on shelves since Monday 20 December 2021.

When launched mid this year Tasty Toobs were solely manufactured overseas in an effort to return the product back to shelves as soon as possible. Now, the product will be made between Australia and overseas, in order to keep up with demand.

“We have worked hard to bring back Tasty Toobs and we don’t want our loyal fans going without – splitting production between two locations will help ensure supermarket shelves are fully stocked,” said Vandita Pandey, CMO PepsiCo ANZ.

tasty toobs
The new product made in Australia may be a little different. (Credit: Supplied)

NSW and QLD based fans may also notice a slight variation between the product made overseas and the new one made in Australia, as the latter has a firmer bite.

“Bringing Tasty Toobs home means we have had to adapt the product slightly in order to produce it locally,” Pandey said.

“We appreciate that there will be a small difference in the product, however, this move is to support locally made products, local employment and to keep up with public demand – which couldn’t be more fitting for a nostalgic Australian snack.”

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