EXPERT ADVICE: Aussies rethink traditional meat and three vege diet amidst cost of living crisis

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As Australia continues to grapple with a cost of living crisis, many Aussies are moving away from the traditional meat and three-vegetable diet as the cost of meat continues to skyrocket. 

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Whilst protein does play an important part in keeping our bodies healthy, and energized, new research commissioned by MyFitnessPal has indicated that when planning out their meals for the week, grocery shoppers are increasingly turning away from meat as a protein source, and are actively seeking cheaper alternatives. 

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“With prices of beef surging 14 percent in a year between 2021 and 2022, it is no surprise to see Australians opting to eat less red meat,” fitness coach and MyFitnessPal ambassador Luke Hines revealed. 

“While inflation may have made Australians rethink what they put in their shopping trolley, when it comes to getting the right nutrients knowledge is power,” he continued. 

Luke Hines says there are plenty of protein rich alternatives to meat. (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

According to the research, meat wasn’t the only traditional protein source that shoppers were turning away from with 33% of respondents confirming they were less likely to purchase protein bars and shakes, closely matched by the 36% who revealed they were unlikely to purchase red meat due to rising costs. 

With dietary preferences changing rapidly by both choice and necessity, Luke says that Aussies need to be more mindful of their macro needs to ensure they aren’t missing out on any important nutrients. 

The rising cost of living has resulted in many Aussies turning away from a red meat rich diet. (Credit: Getty)

“When it comes to physical activity, performance starts in the kitchen,” the fitness coach said. 

“Thankfully there are lower-cost alternatives to red meat such as legumes, eggs, and tofu. Some of these options also come packed with carbs, so it’s important to track your food to stay on top of your macros.”


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