Top 16 pork belly side dishes

From apple crunch to watermelon salsa, these sides are bound to be a crowd pleaser!
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Ready to start prepping for your next dinner party but not sure what to serve with pork belly? Look no further, here are 16 of our favourite side dishes that will make your pork belly sing. 

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A succulent pork belly with crispy crackling will satisfy your hungry guests but what you serve your pork with is just as important. As pork belly is rich in flavour it is important to pair it with something light and refreshing which is why crunchy apple and pear salads and Vietnamese salads are the traditional pairings. 

1. Walnut, Celery, Chicory & Apple Salad

Try this new-style classic salad.

Get the full recipe. 

2. Simple red apple, roasted pumpkin & cabbage salad

This simple salad is the perfect accompaniment to crispy pork belly.

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3. Vietnamese-style salad & smashed peanuts

There is nothing better than succulent pork belly with sweet and salty Asian flavours. Add a fresh salad and crunchy peanuts to top it off. Delicious!

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4. Crispy Noodle Salad

We’ve taken all the hard work out of this Vietnamese classic – it’s SO quick and easy!

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5.  Refreshing Watermelon Salsa

Why not have a go at this street-inspired recipe, you won’t be disappointed! 

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6. Chinese broccoli in garlic sauce

Give your menu a makeover with this amazing side salad.

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7. Mustard mash

Side dishes don’t get much better than this – creamy, classic mashed potatoes with a hot mustard kick.

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8. Avocado & Orange Salad With Black Olive Dressing

This vibrant side dish packs a punch.

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9. Steamed leeks & peas with herby vinaigrette

Honey, mustard and herbs add flavour to simple steamed vegetables – a healthy side dish that’s low fat and easy to make in just 15 minutes.

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10. Cabbage koshimbir

This tastes even better than it looks, trust us!

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11. Charred onion & tomato salad

This clever recipe has all the taste but none of the waste!

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12. Watercress, spinach and green apple salad with buttermilk dressing

This salad can be put together in less than 10 minutes and makes for a crispy side salad (that no one else would have thought to make!) Get the full recipe.

13. Pear, pecan and dolcelatte salad

Seasonal pears work brilliantly with pecan nuts and creamy dolcelatte blue cheese for this no-cook dish. 

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14. Goat’s cheese, pear & candied pecan salad

A colourful dish bursting with contrasting flavours and textures goes perfectly with succulent pork belly.

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15. Cabbage, kale, zucchini & apple salad with smoked almonds

Need to bring a salad plate to a family or friend’s barbecue? This one is a sure-winner, and you can almost guarantee no one else will have brought it!

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16. Pear and radicchio salad with candied chilli walnuts

This pear & radicchio salad is topped with candied chilli walnuts, that taste so good, they can be made and enjoyed on their own, and even make great gifts!

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