People are now making pizza in their air fryer – using Cruskits!

Everybody is talking about this!

It’s the new food craze that’s sweeping through social media – and it seems people can’t get enough of it!Facebook has been alive today with a new way to make pizza using a very unlikely ingredient.

The method sees home cooks use a Cruskits biscuit as a pizza base – yes you read that right – which is then topped with pizza sauce, your preferred toppings and cheese. 

And then instead of cooking the Cruskits pizza in the oven, the creation is baked in an air fryer for about five minutes or until golden brown. The result? Pizza perfection, say fans. 

‘I tried this and it was amazing,’ said one Facebook user. ‘Yummy crispy base, even better than the local pizza place.’

‘I’ve been doing this for months – it’s so easy and really yum,’ said another.Added one more: ‘It is much healthier for you, a Cruskit only has 20 calories. They taste great.’Said another: ‘If I didn’t have a reason to buy an air fryer, I do now 😂’But others are ‘horrified’ by the pizza hack, calling it a ‘disgrace to pizzas everywhere!’‘What’s the world come to?’ said one. Added another: ‘This goes against every bit of Italian blood in me!’

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