You can now get peanut butter in a squeezable spread

PB&J just got interesting.
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A game-changing new peanut butter product has officially arrived – and making a PB&J has never seemed easier or more fun.

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Bega has announced the arrival of Simply Nuts natural peanut butter in a “Shake ‘N Squeeze” format, taking the delicious flavour to a whole new level.

It’s the natural peanut butter we all know and love, but now in a squeezable format like honey, mayonnaise, and even Vegemite.

peanut butter squeezable spread
Bega has launched Simply Nuts natural peanut butter in a “Shake ‘N Squeeze” format. (Credit: Supplied)

Given that natural peanut butter is made from the simple process of roasting natural peanuts and adding a pinch of sea salt – it tends to run on the messy side.

The new format of Simply Nuts Shake ‘N Squeeze has been designed to directly address consumer feedback – removing the mess, while retaining its nutty goodness.

Bega conducted research with peanut butter lovers before launching the product, with the initial feedback showing their excitement.

The feedback also revealed that peanut butter eaters find the new packaging removes the mess and is much easier to apply to a snack or squeeze into a satay dish.

peanut butter
It comes in two options: Smooth and Crunchy. (Credit: Supplied)

“Natural peanut butter is a delicious product, made with the health-conscious consumer in mind,” said Jacqui Roth, Spreads Marketing Manager, Bega Foods.

“However, due to the naturally occurring peanut oil in natural peanut butter – consumers have let us know that things can get messy when they’re trying to get the natural peanut butter out of the jar with a knife.”

“We’re thrilled to be announcing the arrival of Simply Nuts in a Shake ‘N Squeeze format today, we believe it’s truly going to be a game-changer for peanut butter lovers across the nation.”

Simply Nuts Shake ‘N Squeeze is available in Smooth and Crunchy in Coles now, and from all good independent stores nationally by the end of June.

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