Twisties releases ‘Mint Twisties’ prototype after MAFS groom’s breath saga

Chicken Twisties breath no more!
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Twisties has released an official prototype aptly named ‘Mint Twisties’, after Married At First Sight groom Matt Ridley said he had stinky breath from Chicken Twisties.

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Following the episode of Married at First Sight that aired on Monday, Twisties set out to create something to be “enjoyed pre-date”, or even pre-wedding.

So, to ensure Married at First Sight fans and hopeless romantics alike can always enjoy a Twistie, ‘Mint Twisties’ has been released.

It’s a snack that can be enjoyed before your first date, first kiss or even on your big day, leaving your breath minty fresh.

mint twisties
Twisties has released an official prototype aptly named ‘Mint Twisties’. (Credit: Supplied)

“It is of Twisties’ opinion that the Chicken Twisties do not give people a stinky breath, however, the iconic snack would never want to stand in the way of true love,” Katherine Twomey, Twisties Marketing Manager said.

“Over the course of the week, we at Twisties HQ have mobilised to see if we could develop a revolutionary new product that could put an end to stinky breath phenomenon – we feel Mint Twisties might just do the trick.”

“We’re now looking to the public to see if this is a product they’d like to see on the shelf in the future as their pre-date (or pre-wedding) snack.”

Twisties is encouraging fans to head to their social media pages and share their opinion on the ‘Mint Twisties’.

mafs matt kate
Matt told his bride he had “Chicken Twisties breath” after they kissed. (Credit: Nine)

As for what inspired this launch, it was during Matt’s on-screen wedding to Kate Laidlaw that he sent his bride over the edge with his “bad breath”.

“I’m sorry about the breath, I just had some Chicken Twisties,” Matt told Kate, right as they shared a kiss for the camera.

The awkward moment quickly took off amongst viewers, who shared their reactions to Twitter and poked fun at the groom.

“Why would you eat chicken Twisties knowing you’ll be kissing your bride?” one user wrote, while another added, “Why would you even say that, bro?”

mafs matt
“I forgot that I said that on my wedding night, but it’s been hilarious.” (Credit: Nine)

Matt, on the other hand, found the whole situation funny, and in an exclusive chat with New Idea, he called the new Twisties flavour “amazing”.

“I forgot that I said that on my wedding night, but it’s been hilarious,” he told us.

“I’ve gotten so many packs of Chicken Twisties at work from all my work friends, I had two mates rock up to my MAFS premiere wearing t-shirts with Chicken Twisties and my face on it.”

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