7 of the best low-calorie potato chips

No chippy required here!

Who doesn’t love a chip every once in a while? Just so long as they’re not a daily addition you can avoid the dreaded “chippie-slap”. Plus, the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating agrees that potato chips should be consumed “only sometimes and in small amounts.” But when you are picking your crisp of choice what really are the healthiest potato chips? We’re about to find out. 

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Nutritional value of chips

Generally speaking, there are 153 calories in a single-serve (28g) of plain sea salt chips. Of this 10.5g is fat, 13.9g are carbohydrates and 1.8g is protein, plus a 147mg of sodium (some of the saltier flavours contain extreme quantities).

How to make a healthier choice

If you’re are after a healthier crisp there are a couple of key things to keep in mind: serving size, flavour, core ingredients and cooking method. Once you start, it is easy to get carried away. The recommended serving size for these salty delights is just 30g or 15 chips. To avoid eating too many grab a small bowl or two hands of chips rather than the whole packet. Another healthy hack is opting for baked not fried potato chips. They won’t be as high in fat and are often baked using healthier oils. As innovation thrives so does the chip industry. We now have access to more chippies than ever before including chips made from chickpeas, sweet potato and lentils. When looking at the back of the pack look for ingredients that you recognise and can pronounce. Avoiding additives, artificial colours and flavours. 

Make your own

Barbeque flavoured crinkle-cut chipsIf you’re game and looking for a healthier option whip up these homemade BBQ chips in next to no time. Get the full recipe.

7. Pringles Chips

Flavour: Sour Cream and Onion

Price:$5.00 for 134g

Calories: 519 calories per 100g

Fat: 30.1%

Carbs: 55% 

Sodium: 695mg

Aside from the favourite flavour debate (Sour Cream and Onion Vs Original) there’s no arguing that Pringles are one of the superior crisps. There are 16 crisps in one 25g serving. 

6. Kettle Chips

Flavour: Sea Salt

Price:$5.50 for 175g

Calories: 483 calories per 100g

Fat: 26%

Carbs: 56% 

Sodium: 478mg

5. Kettle Sweet Potato Chips 

Flavour: Sea Salt

Price:$5.50 for 135g

Calories: 497 calories per 100g

Fat: 32%

Carbs: 49% 

Sodium: 577mg

Don’t let the addition of sweet potato crisps fool you, Kettle’s Sweet Potato crisps are one of the saltiest and fattiest on this list.

4. Red Rock Deli 

Flavour: Honey Soy Chicken

Price:$5.50 for 165g

Calories: 490 calories per 100g

Fat: 23%

Carbs: 60% 

Sodium: 522mg

The original classic party plus one, Red Rock Deli’s delicious range should be saved for special occasions. With one of the highest sodium readings on the list stick to the serving size. 

3. Macro Hemp Corn Chips

Flavour: Kale & WasabiPrice: $4.00 for 125gCalories: 485 calories per 100gFat: 23%Carbs: 55% Sodium: 220mgWith the addition of nutritional powerhouse hemp (which is a great source of plant-based omega-3s and fibre), these chips are one to be tried. They are made from 92% Australian ingredients and have a health star rating of 4 out of 5. 

2. Vege Deli Crisps Lentil 

Flavour: Lightly Salted

Price:$6.50 for 100g

Calories: 483 calories per 100gFat: 21%

Carbs: 69% 

Sodium: 950mg

These lentil chips pack a protein punch and are relatively low in calories, they also taste deliciously light and are made using sunflower oil. Be careful though 100g contains over 60% of your RDI of sodium

1. Grain Waves 

Flavour: Sweet Chilli

Price: $4.30 for 210g

Calories: 478 calories per 100g

Fat: 21.5%

Carbs: 64% 

Sodium: 382mg

Made from corn, wheat and oats these whole grain chips are made from 30% less fat than regular potato chips. One serve is 25% of the daily suggested target for whole grains.

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