The Voice fans call out “brutal” and “grossly unfair” round of cuts

"They get on the coaches team and don’t even get a chance to be coached."
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The Voice Australia last night unveiled its biggest change made by Channel Seven since taking over the reality show from Nine this year: The Cut.

And, it’s safe to say fans were not impressed by the new format.

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As Tuesday’s episode kicked off fans watched the final blind auditions play out but the excitement of the first round was quickly dashed as the next stage of the show came into effect.

The Cut saw all four coaches, Keith Urban, Rita Ora, Jess Mauboy and Guy Sebastian immediately cut the teams they had just built down to just five contestants.

In previous years the show would host a ‘Battle Round’ sing-off between contestants to progress to the next stage of the competition.

Singers had just 30-seconds worth of song to prove their place. (Credit: Seven)

Instead, each coach gathered small groups amongst their teams to sing just 30 seconds of song before they chose to keep or cut them.

The change was met with overwhelming disappointment from fans who not only loved the Battle Round but also felt it was unfair to those who made it through the auditions.

“Having selected the top performers we got to see none of them sing for more than 30 seconds.  Some we did not get to see sing at all.  The whole ‘cut’ was grossly unfair and terrible TV.  So disappointing for viewers and grossly unfair to competitors,” one viewer argued.

“#TheVoiceAU so they get on the coaches team and don’t even get a chance to be coached or given any guidance what so ever, made to sing a song they never heard in 5 mins and then get cut? Wtf??,” a second commented.

“The blinds: “I would kill to work with you!” The cuts: “You. Not you. Not you. Not you.” Brutal. #TheVoiceAU,” a third wrote.

“Not a fan of the new format.  It was much better with the battles, at least we got to see the contestants sing. They deserve better than this Ch 7!!” another penned.

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