A $2.85 million mistake is revealed as The Block Auction Week kicks off

Fingers get pointed as a celebrity bidder walks away.
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Tools are down and the months of hard work are finally over as our Blockheads nervously await this weekend’s auction day. But what would The Block season-ender be without one last dose of explosive drama?

New Idea has learnt the feud between House 3’s Kristy and House 5’s Eliza and Liberty is hitting a final crescendo.

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We’re told the sisters believe the “bullying” and “mean girl behaviour” that Kristy exhibited during the season has possibly cost them the chance to win the auction on November 4, as their potential star bidder has pulled the plug on their home due to the toxicity.

Earlier in the season, it was rumoured that comedian Hamish Blake and his wife Zoë Foster Blake were keen to nab one of the Charming Street houses at auction.

It was said the couple were eager to find an investment property, but also wanted to possibly help out their friend Eliza, who was previously Hamish’s long-time assistant.

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Eliza and Liberty have everything crossed for a big sale. (Credit: Media Mode)

Having someone with pockets as deep as the Blakes would certainly help Eliza and Liberty on auction day.

Agents have priced their house at $2.85 million, which is highest of the five properties. The team who sells the most over their reserve also walks away with an additional $100,000 prize money.

However, it’s now being reported that Hamish has changed his mind about making any sort of bid on House 5. He is allegedly keen to distance himself from The Block largely because of the bullying that has unfolded this season.

Eliza’s former boss Hamish Blake was said to be eyeing her home. (Credit: Media Mode)

A show insider recently told Yahoo Lifestyle that Hamish and his comedy partner, Andy Lee, were “disgusted” about what had been put to air, and were “concerned the show has lost its way”.

New Idea’s own Block insider adds, “Eliza and Liberty are heartbroken. Kristy and her pot-stirring has potentially ruined everything for them.

“They are still optimistic that they’ll get a great sale, but it’s the last thing they needed going into what is already a stressful week.”

Kristy admits that she and Brett “went into The Block with the intention to to ruffle feathers and stir the pot.” (Credit: Media Mode)

Throughout the show viewers have watched the sisters clash with Kristy. Eliza even revealed that Kristy and her husband Brett had made four crew members cry.

“People don’t want to work for them any longer,” Eliza dished.

Kristy then hit back, insisting that fan favourites Eliza and Liberty had been getting “special treatment”.

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