EXCLUSIVE: MKR twins Radha and Prabha are in it to win it

“Food for us is love.”
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It’s double the fun when New Idea sits down with My Kitchen Rules’ identical twins Radha and Prabha, who are busy wowing the judges and making them cry in equal measures. 

The 26-year-old sisters lost their dad to cancer when they were just two. They believe he would be “very proud” of their MKR achievements, especially them sharing his favourite dish from Southern India.

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“(It was) a very emotional moment,” they tells us. 

Radha and Prabha explain their mum is a “hero” for soldiering on after their dad’s passing. 

Growing up, she kept his memory alive through photos and various mementos.

“Our passion was ignited by our mum,” reveals Prabha. “Then MKR created fireworks in us. It’s been extraordinary.”

The sisters hope their cooking would have made their father proud. (Credit: Channel Seven)

The sisters don’t just share a love of cooking – the vibrant duo claim to be telepathic.

They discovered their gift aged seven, when Radha experienced pain after Prabha had an operation on her foot. 

Family and friends are forever asking if they have rehearsed conversations due to the pair often “blurting” out the same answers. 

The ‘Twindians’ of MKR even made Colin cry when they shared their fathers story. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Although Prabha is technically two minutes older then Radha, they tell us they take it in turns to wear “the big sister hat”. 

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They can’t agree on who’s “bossier” but do say they “complement” one another’s skills.

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