MAFS stars Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant’s OTT real wedding

The blushing bride(zilla) wore TWO dresses!
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Married At First Sight’s Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant have said “I do” again in an OTT extravaganza on Nine’s A Current Affair after they met and fell in love on the controversial reality show where less than a handful of participants have remained together. 

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Fans have called the episode a giant plug for wedding vendors with the hairdresser, 38, and retired cricket player, 35, showcasing their freebies.

“Seems like an advertisement for wedding services,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

MAFS Jules and Cam say ‘I do’ … again (Credit: Nine)

The presenter of the special, a pregnant Sylvia Jeffreys, said: “It’s not the first time this couple have exchanged vows, but marriage at second sight was something else.”

The pair acted a little groom and bridezilla after admitting to ordering 2000 roses to be “hand-peeled” on the day of the wedding to keep them fresh.  

Writing in an article on Nine, Sylvia Jeffreys said: “Everything from the dress to the food and the floral arrangements was carefully selected by Cam and Jules. Well, mostly Jules, who feared she’d have a cricket pitch for an aisle if Cam had his say.”

“It’s every girls’ dream for their wedding day to be as special as this,” Cam said. 

Jules gushed about Cam: “I always said they broke the mold when they made him, he is a special, special human being.”

Jules' pink wedding dress
Jules’ incredible first dress (Credit: Nine)

When it came to her dress, Jules wanted to ensure it “looked really different to the last time” when she was married on the reality show.

She chose a “princess” pink blush, strapless tulle dress with a sweetheart neckline, ruffled skirt and embellished veil by couture wedding dress designer Velani by Nicky as her first bridal look. Over 300 metres of hand-cut pink tulle were used for the gown.

“Traditionally, when you have been married before, you wear pink for the second time,” Jules told A Current Affair.

The only people who had seen the dress ahead of time was Jules’ mother, Eve Robinson, and her aunty, Marie Hiscock.

The bride said she “definitely preferred it” to the pink dress to the white one she wore on the Married at First Sight ceremony.

The glam redhead added diamonds from Cerrone Jewellers in Sydney to top it all off. With children always on her mind, Jules joked that she would be back for her “push present for the other hand” when they have a child together. 

For the reception, Jules wore a white gown with beaded bodice with feathering on the skirt.

Jules' second wedding dress
Jules’ second wedding dress (Credit: Nine)
Jules and Cam exchange vows (Credit: Nine)
Jules' second wedding dress
(Credit: Nine)

During their emotional vows, Cam said: “I promise that you and our family will always come first. You are the person of my dreams. All my needs, all my desires are wrapped up in you and you are my best friend. You are my perfect love.”

“I love you and I can’t wait to share the rest of my life with you. I choose you.”

A teary Jules said: “Marriage is to me the meaning of two souls that are alike in many ways – supportive, caring, and helping each other through good times and the bad … I give you this ring to symbolise my personal promise of an unbreakable love and trust.

Making sure the fulfilled their television duties, they were pulled away after their vows by host Sylvia Jeffreys for an interview (and they say romance is dead?).

“We want a family, a happy little family, and help each other to strive and grow,” Cameron said. 

“I’d like a little mini version of Cam. Exactly the same, just little, with the same passion for life and the same aura Cam carries with him,” Jules added. “He’s just a special, special human being.”

Cam and Jules being interviewed by Nine's Sylvia Jeffreys
And they say romance is dead: Jules and Cam being interviewed by Sylvia Jeffreys on their wedding day (Credit: Nine)
(Credit: Nine)

Most of their fellow MAFS co-stars were shunned from the ceremony with just three in attendance. Heidi Latcham acted as a bridesmaid, while a heavily pregnant Cyrell Paule was seated next to her ex Nic Jovanovic, who she had formerly “married” on the show.

The bride also addressed why her former friend and MAFS co-star Melissa Lucarelli was dropped as a bridesmaid at the last minute: “All that matters is my nearest and dearest are here right now.”

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