John Travolta’s daughter Ella is all grown up

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John Travolta’s daughter, Ella, has managed to stay out of the spotlight despite her famous parents, but now, the 19-year-old has burst onto the Hollywood social scene in a blaze of glory with the creation of her first official Instagram account. 

Yesterday, the young actress took the social media platform to post a video welcoming her fans. 

WATCH Ella Travolta’s VERY FIRST Instagram video! 

“Hey, guys! Welcome to my Instagram page,” the young beauty says as she beams into the camera, “I’m so excited to be able to share my journey with you guys and connect with you guys, so stay tuned!”

Her fmaous dad was bursitng with pride at seeing, leaving a sweet messgae to his daughter in the comment secton: “My baby girl! All grown up! You look gorgeous! ❤️❤️❤️” 


Ella, who has already garnered nearly 50,000 followers in just 24 hours, posted a second shot to her Instagram in less than a day, this time alongside her famous dad. 

“We had a blast with @lenawaithe on @jimmykimmellivelast night!! Thank you guys for having us!!” 

Looks like we’ll be seeing A LOT more from Ella Travolta! 

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