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Hollywood's favourite pair are inseparable.
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Much has been made of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s clandestine reconciliation in recent times – and now it’s been revealed that the pair are inseparable, even while at work.

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Hollywood insiders have confirmed that the reunited duo are filming projects on neighbouring sound stages on the same lot at Sony Studios in California. In fact, they’re so close that Brad, 57, is regularly spied hanging out in Jen’s trailer.

Brad is shooting the action thriller Bullet Train while Jen, who turns 52 on February 11, is putting the finishing touches on the second season of her TV series Morning Wars.

“Brad and Jen are super close and the crew is joking they should have just kitted out the one trailer for the two of them, given he spends so much time in hers.” (Credit: Getty)

“Sony is a huge place with 18 sound stages – so there’s ample room for executives to put a pair of exes at opposite ends of the block if they requested,” a source familiar with the lot tells New Idea.

“But in this case, it sounds like Brad and Jen requested to be close together. Only two A-listers of that calibre could pull that off with the production bosses.”

A separate insider adds: “Brad and Jen are super close and the crew is joking they should have just kitted out the one trailer for the two of them, given he spends so much time in hers. People kind of just assume they’re hooking up in there since he’s with her all the time between takes.”

Brad loves spending time with Jen. (Credit: Getty)

Jen first teased that Brad was visiting her at work last November.

The actress shared an Instagram photo of herself in a trailer, with a mystery man lying on the floor behind her. Many of her followers guessed it was Brad as he had on a watch similar to one the actor wears. He was also dressed similarly to Brad.

As well as spending time together at work, Brad and Jen continue to hang out in private. We’re told Brad is planning something special and romantic for Jen’s birthday this week, and has even made her a very sentimental gift.

The couple sent fans wild when they reunited at the 2020 SAG Awards. (Credit: Getty)

According to a close friend, Brad has created a beautiful sculpture of a tortured couple wearing blindfolds – in a nod to the blind date in which they first met and fell in love back in 1998.

“He’s been working on it for a while. It’s not enormous either as he’s moved on to fine sculpture. He and Jen used to joke about meeting on a blind date, but his message is they never got the chance to take off their blindfolds.”

“He deeply regrets the past and both of them have spent hours clearing the air, owning their mistakes. It’s real closure and a new beginning for them.”

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