Beauty and the Geek couple’s ADORABLE unaired moment

“It felt like we were falling in love in year nine”
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It’s like a modern day Romeo and Juliet, falling in love while those in power try to keep you apart – that’s the reality of finding love on Beauty and the Geek

Speaking exclusively to New Idea, Beauty and the Geek’s loved up duo Micheal and Tara revealed what it’s like developing a crush when surrounded by cameras.

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“Boys and girls were very much kept separate, so the only time we got to interact was on camera,” Tara explained.

Stolen glances and passing smiles were almost all the pair could achieve when the camera’s weren’t on them.

“It was hard, you know, not being able to see each other. Then you’d see them in the hallway and you’d appreciate those short moments of eye contact,” she said. 

“It felt like we were falling in love in year nine.”

Australia watched their romance grow on TV
Australia watched their romance grow on TV (Credit: Nine)

To make matters more difficult, Valentine’s Day fell during filming. But since the show wasn’t due to air until much later in the year producers had no plans to allow the couples to have Valentines Day dates.

When asked how the pair celebrated the day of love they became a bit sheepish.

“Ok, I’m not going to lie about it,” Michael finally said.

“On Valentine’s day we may have slid a note to each other under the door… illegally,” he laughs.

The pair shared cheeky love notes
The pair shared cheeky love notes (Credit: Nine)

While being forced to stay separate was difficult, the couple says there is a benefit to seeing your relationship blossom on TV.

“How many people get to see exactly what their partner was thinking in a cute romantic moment?” Tara asked, referring to the confessionals.

Michael echoed Tara’s sentiments.

“It’s been really good watching it back. There’s been moments where I honestly teared up all over again,” he said.

Michael was enamoured with mermaid Tara from day one
Michael was enamoured with mermaid Tara from day one (Credit: Nine)

Tara hinted that there are plenty of moments the audience didn’t get to see, not just their illegal love letters.

“It’s also challenging watching it because, you know, we had 11 weeks of our love story that was condensed into 12 episodes,” she said.

“It can be hard watching moments that are really dear to you just disappear.”

Of course, one of those moments is their infamous ‘first kiss’.

“As you’ve probably seen, there is photographic evidence that we did have our first kiss straight after the knight’s challenge,” Tara said.

“It was the perfect moment, you know. We weren’t in our heads, it just happened nicely, it was perfect.”

Their REAL first kiss
Their REAL first kiss (Credit: Nine)

As for what the future has in store for the couple, or if they’re even still together, for now they’re remaining tight lipped.

“Right now we want to just focus on Aaron and Karly’s win and you know, give them some time in the limelight,” Tara said.

“We do have some news but we’ll reveal it in time.”

Watch this space.

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