Spoiler alert! Ciarran spotted with a different BIP star post-show

It's trouble in Paradise for Ciarran and Jessica.
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Bachelor in Paradise stars Ciarran Stott and Jessica Brody have been all but joined at the hip lips since entering the show.

But, it looks like their romance will be cut short after the 26-year-old English lad was spotted with another Bachelor star.

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Ciarran and Jess have been a match made in paradise thus far – if you ignore Ciarran’s dark secret being exposed by the arrival of his ex.

The couple had one of the show’s most momentous and possibly nauseatingly cheesy date moments we’ve seen yet when they were caught in the rain while out surfing.

But, if pap shots obtained by the Daily Mail are anything to go by, Ciarran and Jess’ relationship will break down as fast as their sexual tension built up.

Ciarran Jessica
Ciarran and Jess’ romance has blossomed. (Credit: Channel 10)

Just weeks after filming for the show wrapped, Ciarran was spotted in just a towel outside the home of Bachelor star Kiki Morris.

While it’s more clothing than we’re used to seeing on Ciarran, the shot of the slightly dishevelled looking star accepting his food delivery is a very telling sign.

Kiki, who appeared on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor, posted another clue back in December that she and Ciarran had started dating.

Ciarran was spotted with Kiki. (Credit: Instagram)

Taking to Instagram, Kiki shared a snap at a sushi restaurant with a tattooed arm in the frame that resembles that of Ciarran’s, simply captioning it: “Sunday sesh”.

Look familiar? (Credit: Instagram)

The blond Brit has been the centre of A LOT of unwanted attention in Paradise this week after the arrival of his ex, Renee Barrett, threatened to expose his secret.

As well as the cheating revelation, Renee dropped the bombshell that while Ciarran had been on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette he had been in contact with her.

Renee suggested Ciarran had lied about leaving the show due to his grandmother’s death. Instead, she insisted he actuallyleft to be with her.

The shocking reveal has led to backlash for the star who was forced to prove to fans his grandmother had in fact, passed away.

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