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Lisa Curry’s relationship with husband Mark Tabone is filled with love and support

The pair have been together for eight years.
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It’s been eight years since Lisa Curry met Mark Tabone; the man who would later become her husband and greatest support in life.

The pair met in 2015 and it’s safe to say it was a match made in unconventional heaven for the former Olympic swimmer and the Elvis impersonator.

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This morning, Lisa and Mark went on Sunrise to talk about their life at home together and their Christmas plans.

The couple have been very busy looking after three grandkids, all under the age of five.

Lisa talks about how much she loves her grandchildren.

“It’s just nice to see your children’s children,” she says.

“Children are amazing [and] family is everything.”

Lisa and Mark make a beautiful couple. (Credit: Instagram)

For Christmas this year, the happy couple will be having a big blowout at their home with friends and family.

“We do this every year,” says Mark.

“Everybody puts in… we do the ham and bacon and eggs; we have more of a brunch.”

Mark has been very busy recently, touring all around the country for shows.

He just got back from his big trip where he did 16 shows across Australia… he shared a post to Instagram about his trip. 

“Well I am on the way home to see my beautiful wife who I have missed immensely,” he wrote.

“After 16 shows, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Melbourne Cruise, Hachem group & a private last night I’m going to have a good rest, but vocally last night I was still in full form!

“Did I say I love my job!! And the adventure that comes with it!!”

Keep reading for Lisa and Mark’s full love story…

lisa curry husband
Lisa and Mark have been together since 2015. (Credit: Instagram)

According to 9Honey, Lisa and Mark knew they were meant to be together and even spoke about what their children would have looked like if they had met when they were younger.

In November 2016, Lisa and Mark’s adventure truly began when they celebrated their engagement with friends and family during a park barbecue.

Mark popped the question just months prior in July, with Lisa telling Today Extra at the time all about the romantic proposal.

“He hired a yacht and had his friend play guitar. It was at sunset with roses and music playing,” she gushed at the time.

“He held my hand, told me how he felt, got down on one knee and popped the question.”

lisa curry husband
The pair wed in 2018 on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. (Credit: Instagram)

Wedding bells rang in May 2018, after the pair made things official with a gorgeous wedding on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Telling The Australian Women’s Weekly about their big day, Mark gushed: “Lisa is beautiful inside and out. We share the same dreams and plans. She is my soul mate.”

“He makes my heart sing,” Lisa added. “He cares about me, he listens to my stories, even if I tell them to him three times. He laughs at my jokes and fixes anything and everything.”

During her vows, Lisa promised to “age gracefully” with Mark, and continue to love him “just a little more every day”.

lisa curry husband
“He cares about me, he listens to my stories, even if I tell them to him three times.” (Credit: Instagram)

The two have continued to go from strength to strength over the years, even when faced with the tragic passing of Lisa’s daughter, Jaimi Lee Kenny.

In September 2020, Lisa and her former husband Grant Kenny announced the devastating loss of their daughter following a private battle with a long-term illness.

Lisa leaned on Mark at the time, with a source telling New Idea: “Mark is warm, emotional and incredibly supportive… I’m not sure she could have survived this without him.”

Lisa echoed a similar sentiment on her Instagram as she thanked her husband for “everything”, writing: “He’s so caring and supportive. I couldn’t get through each day without him atm. One step, one day at a time.”

lisa curry husband
The two have continued to go from strength to strength over the years. (Credit: Instagram)

Mark also credited Lisa with changing his life for the better, as he reflected on where he was before he met the former Olympic swimmer.

“This was a nice memory 5 years ago but exactly 6 years ago I was in a hole , Single and wondering what my future looked like,” he penned.

“Then out of the blue @lisacurry starts a conversation on messenger and after my fingers were sick of typing , I asked for her phone number and we discovered that we were in the same boat.”

The rest was history – with the pair as in love and supportive as ever as they continue to live life together.

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