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Karl and Jasmine Stefanovic celebrate five years of marriage

The happy couple are very much in love!
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Today host Karl Stefanovic met Jasmine Yarbrough in late 2016, just five months after he split from his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thorburn.

The two met in Sydney while on a mate’s boat… they fell in love quickly and she later became his second wife and mother of his fourth child. 

Today, the happy couple celebrate their 5-year wedding anniversary and we couldn’t be happier for them!

WATCH NOW: Karl Stefanovic serenades wife Jasmine. Article continues after video.

Karl shared a beautiful message to Jas on their special day…

(Credit: Instagram)

“Five years of laughter and love. Your strength, resilience, clarity, and unwavering pursuit of what is right continues to give me strength,” Karl wrtoe.

“You have made me a better man. I love you. @jasyarby”

Back in 2017, Karl spoke to Stellar magazine about their fast romance.

“We are taking things really, really slowly. I certainly did not expect to meet someone five months after I broke up with my wife. That was not planned,” Karl said.

After they first met, both Karl and Jasmine thought they would just end up being good friends.

“When we first met, I thought he was going to be such a good friend, because we just laughed all the time. He had me in fits of laughter all day!” Jasmine said in an interview with Vogue Brides.

The couple got married in December 2018 in Mexico. In May 2020, they welcomed their first child together.

Karl and Jas got married in 2018, in Mexico. (Credit: Instagram)

When did Karl and Jasmine Stefanovic get married?

Karl and Jasmine exchanged vows at the One&Only Palmilla resort in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico on Saturday, December 8th, 2018 in front of 200 family and friends.

Jasmine’s dress was absolutely stunning… it was a custom couture gown made by Sydney designer Jessica Andretta.

The dress had a detachable skirt and took six months to create.

In an interview with WHO on her special day, Jasmine said that she didn’t really experience any of the typical wedding day nerves.

“It just feels right,” she said.

A post from November 2022, Jas is 38-years-old here… she looks incredible! (Credit: Instagram)

How old is Jasmine Stefanovic?

Karl and Jas have a relatively large age gap, and this has been a topic of conversation over the years.

Karl is 49-years-old, born August 12, and Jas is 39-years-old, born January 29, making the two about nine years apart in age.

Jasmine and Tamie photographed at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in May 2018. (Credit: Getty)

What does Jasmine Stefanovic do for a living?

Jas is a designer, model and business person.

She co-owned the luxury shoe brand, Mara and Mine, with Tamie Ingham.

Her company was very successful and her shoes have been spotted on stars such as Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner.

However, in March 2022, Jas announced that they had decided to “take a break” from their business.

Ten years after successfully establishing Mara & Mine, we have decided to take a break from our business that we cherish, to pursue other interests,” Jas said in her Instagram post.

Jas is now an ambassador for the Win the Day Charity, an organisation “supporting families with rare childhood cancers, through accommodation, nutrition, treatment grants and cancer research.”

A photo posted of Harper in November 2023, at just three-years-old. (Credit: Instagram)

Do Karl and Jasmine Stefanovic have any children?

Yes, Karl and Jas have one child together, Harper May Stefanovic.

Harper was born May 1, 2020 and is the cutest kid!

Despite being Jasmine’s first child, Harper is Karl’s fourth.

Karl and his ex-wife Cass share three children together… Jackson, 24, Ava, who goes by Willow, 18, and River, 17.

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Karl loves to post about Jas to Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

Karl and Jas are very much a couple in love. The two love to post about each other to their Instagram profiles.

Karl shared this gorgeous photo of Jas in October 2023. He captioned the post, “Mummy and daddy night. @birdinhandwine magnificent.”

It’s good to see they make the time for date night and keeping their romance alive!

Karl writes a sweet birthday message for Jas. (Credit: Instagram)

In January 2023, Karl shared a very sweet message to Instagram in celebration of Jasmine’s birthday.

Happy birthday Queen. Your love shines through us all. And your quiet resilience and determination are a beauty all of their own. We are blessed to share the same air,” he wrote. 

Jas looks so happy! (Credit: Instagram)

In December 2022, Karl shared this adorable picture of the two from their wedding day. 

He posted this photo on their anniversary, along with a heartfelt caption. 

I can’t stop looking at this photo four years on from our big day,” he wrote.

“How you somehow contorted my ample frame into a champion high jumpers. That smile is a miracle. Happy Anniversary my ❤️ @jasyarby.”

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