Riding solo? The biggest clue yet that Angie and Carlin are DONE

“They split for sure”
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Rumours of a split are circling like sharks around The Bachelorette golden couple Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt.

And rather than hit back at the suggestion that she and Carlin have gone their separate ways, the blonde beauty has continued to pour fuel on the fire.

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Despite previously filling her feed with loved-up couple  shots of her and her beau, 30-year-old Angie took to Instagram on Thursday to share an image of herself alone.

As well as riding solo in the shot, Angie revealed in the very telling caption that she wasn’t currently in the same city as Carlin, who is based in Sydney.

Angie Kent
Riding solo? Angie’s latest Instagram post continued to fuel rumours she’s now single. (Credit: Instagram)

“Who needs an indoor yoga studio when you’ve got mother nature and a Qashqai handy. I miss my magnetic red baby back in Sydney. Mumma will be back soon,” she wrote, in what appeared to be a sponsored post for a car.

Her followers are convinced Carlin and Angie have gone their separate ways, with one fan questioning, “What happened to Carlin?”

Another follower, aiming their comment at an Angie and Carlin fan page, wrote “They split for sure, time to rename ya page”.

Yet another comment read: “She obviously isn’t in Sydney with him right now.”

Angie Carlin
Over? Rumours continue to swirl the couple has called it quits. (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, 31-year-old Carlin isn’t hosing down the speculation either and on his Instagram account on Monday, he attracted similar comments.

The reality star posted a pensive shot of himself fresh after a swim staring into the distance, alongside the caption: “You don’t always need the answers. Live in the moment. Be still. Breathe 🙏🏽.”

While he didn’t explicitly state if they had officially split, many fans took the philosophical tone of his upload to be a major hint that their romance had run its course.

Angie Carlin
Angie and Carlinn fell in love after meeting on The Bachelorette. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Clues of a split first started to appear when eagle-eyed fans noticed Angie and Carlin had unfollowed each other on social media.

In another telling sign, the usually snap-happy couple have also been a little quiet when it comes to posting pictures of each other lately.

But after fans pointed out the change, Angie blamed the move on a “glitch in the system”, as the duo are now back to following each other.

“Leave it. If you don’t know, you don’t know,” Angie commented on the Bachie Funny fan account.

And in another comment, she asked fans to stay out of her personal life.

“Everyone got their happy ending when the show was on,” she wrote.

“Now it’s no one’s business. It’s my real life. So best people stay out of it unless they know for real what someone is going through.”

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