Royal truce! Harry and Will exchange Christmas gifts

Have the brothers finally buried the royal hatchet?
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With the battle of the brothers reportedly in full swing, it looks like the heir and spare may have finally put their differences aside. And right in time for Christmas!

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According to a report from The Sun, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have extended the olive branch to their family across the pond by sending them some Christmas gifts.

Will, Harry, Kate and Meghan
Have the fab four put their differences behind them? (Credit: Getty)

The presents were reportedly sent to the Cambridges after the Sussexes visited a few boutique shops near their home in Santa Barbara, California.

And it wasn’t just Will and Kate who received some Christmas cheer. Apparently, Meghan harnessed her calligraphy skills to pen personalised messages to her little nephews and niece – George, seven, Charlotte, five, and Louis, two.

Speaking about the brotherly truce, royal writer Andrew Morton revealed, “Harry has sent presents to William and Kate and the calligraphy has been done by Meghan.

“He plans to speak to his father and brother over Christmas.”

And it’s not just Harry and Meghan waving a white flag.

Will and Harry
Reportedly, Harry (right) was desperate to return to the UK ahead of his father’s 72nd birthday back in November, but travel restrictions made it impossible for the Prince to make the trip. (Credit: Getty)

The Sun also reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have returned the peace-offering by sending their own Christmas gifts to Harry, Meghan and even little 1-year-old Archie.

The news that the fab four are making amends does not come as too much of a shock, considering Kate’s recent comments to Meghan following her harrowing miscarriage.

After the Duchess of Sussex bravely opened up about her tragic ordeal in a personal essay entitled, The Losses We Share, Kate was prompted to reach out to her sister-in-law to offer her condolences and put the nastiness behind them.

“Reading Meghan’s words, Kate was overcome with emotion,” a source revealed in November.

“She feels it’s time to make contact. Word is she called Meghan personally to offer her condolences.”

Will and Kate were also among the few members of the royal family who knew about the miscarriage.

Will, Harry, Meg and Kate
Apparently, Duchess Kate (far right) reached out to her sister-in-law, Meghan (next to Kate), after hearing about her harrowing miscarriage earlier in the year. (Credit: Getty)

“Only the Queen, Prince Charles, and their closest staff were informed about it back in July, but William was briefed given his level of importance within the family,” the same insider revealed.

“Wills and Kate were devastated but respected the Sussexes’ wish to keep it private and maintain the space between them.”

And it’s not just Kate who was desperate to reach out. The same source noted that William was just as eager to console his little brother.

“Wills desperately wants to go to his brother’s side,” the insider revealed.

With the olive branch now extended on both sides, a Christmas truce may well and truly be on the royal horizon!

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