Raspberry Cheesecake with Peaches

A fast and fresh summer treat!

Inverting the pan base makes it easier to remove the finished cheesecake. Try replacing raspberries with frozen mixed berries.




Invert the base of a 22cm springform pan (base measuring 20cm). Spray the base and side with cooking oil. Line side
with baking paper.

2 Process biscuits and almonds in a food processor until finely crushed. Add butter and process until combined. Press crumbs over base of prepared pan. Refrigerate.

3 To make filling, sprinkle gelatine over the water in a small, heatproof jug. Stand the jug in a small saucepan of simmering water. Stir until gelatine is dissolved. Remove.

4 Process frozen raspberries in same, clean food processor until pureed. Pour into a bowl.

5 Beat ricotta, cream cheese and Natvia in a small bowl of an electric mixer until well combined. With the motor running, beat in cream, then gelatine mixture. Stir in puree.

6 Pour over biscuit crust and smooth top. Cover. Refrigerate overnight, or until set.

7 Decorate cheesecake with peach wedges and fresh raspberries.

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