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The Block: Shock COVID scare leaked!

One Blockhead is forced to isolate
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This season of The Block is unlike any other due to the looming presence of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

WATCH: The Block’s Scott Cam confirms no open inspections in 2020

However, an on-set insider tells New Idea that the situation truly hits home when a possible coronavirus case sees one of the contestants sidelined.

Displaying symptoms of a sore throat and general signs of unwellness, the source reveals that producers ordered the contestant to halt work and stay confined to their room.

the block
Pictured from left to right: Sarah and George, Harry and Tash, Luke and Jasmine, Daniel and Jade, Jimmy and Tam. (Credit: Nine)

The set spy says that the affected contestant appeared “exhausted” at the point when they were instructed to self-isolate.

The insider explains that the crew were shocked to see the contestant, who normally leads a “very healthy lifestyle” to suddenly be struck down so severely, leading to grave concerns about whether a positive test result could derail the entire show.

As has already been widely reported, the hit reality renovation series is ultimately forced to down tools well before the midway point of the competition. Is a positive test result the tipping point for The Block shutdown?

The Block Scott Cam
Scott (pictured) recently admitted it’s too early to say for sure whether The Block will return in 2021. (Credit: Nine)

Meanwhile, host Scotty Cam tells New Idea it’s looking increasingly likely that the final auctions and this year’s finale will be cancelled.

“We’ve got no open for inspections this year for the first time in 16 seasons so that’ll be unusual, and we still don’t know what’s going to happen with the auction at this stage,” he says.

This news will be heartbreaking for the show’s contestants who renovated five homes under even more stressful than usual conditions this year.

Scott Cam
Scott (pictured) said while they delivered the show on time – albeit with strict new rules and after a six-week filming hiatus – open inspections are not on the cards. (Credit: Nine)

The show initially filmed for five weeks in March, then as a result of the lockdown, production was put on hold until May, when filming resumed for another two months.

Scotty hopes the situation will have changed again by November when the properties are set to go to auction. “Let’s hope things improve by then.”

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