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The Most Haunted: 10 Real Ghost Videos

You ain’t afraid of no ghost? Check out our list of real ghost videos!
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Everyone loves a good paranormal mystery, but have you ever seen a real ghost caught on camera?

Real ghost videos have been going viral since the early days of the Internet. Despite all the debunked fakes, there are others that make you think twice about what you believe in. So turn the lights on and check under the bed, because things are about to get very scary!

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Fake vs Real

There are lots of click-bait titles with the words ‘ghost caught on camera’ floating around on YouTube, but are any of those vids the real deal? Well, it might surprise you to learn that a good chunk of those popular vids have some solid evidence behind them. You might have even seen your fair share of ghosts caught on tape without even realising it!

A black and white photo of a girl female ghost
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The 10 Best Real Ghost Videos On The Net

These days, anyone with a smartphone can capture strange phenomena any timebut it’s also a lot easier to make fakes with camera tricks and modern editing programs. So how can you tell the difference? Look through our list to test out your ghost busting skills!

1. The Bloody Mary Challenge

A little boy films himself while performing the Bloody Mary ritual in his bathroom.

The Story: The legend of Bloody Mary goes way back, so YouTubers challenged each other to film themselves doing it for fun.

Creepy Rating: 2/10

Real or Fake: Though convincing at first, a closer look reveals her defined features. Could it be just his sister helping him make a cool video for subscribers?

2. Ghost Of Man Haunting A Forest

The transparent head and hands of a man are floating around in the forest.

The History: Legend claims this was the spirit of a man killed while crossing the train tracks and dumped into the river.

Creepy Rating: 3/10

Real Or Fake: There’s an eerie feeling from watching this video, but does it look like the work of amateur special effects?

3. Child Ghost Captured On Security Footage

A CCTV camera captures a ghostly child roaming the streets alone.

The Story: This is a fairly recent video with little context. But seeing how the kid is aimlessly crossing the road, it looks like he may have died there in an accident some time ago.

Creepy Rating: 3/10

Real or Fake: This video looks real and unedited, but it could still be a fake.

4. Little Girl Ghost at Haunted Hotel

In 2010, an Australian ghost hunter chased a little girl in an abandoned 5-star hotel.

The Story: His video description claims that the hotel had closed down because guests reported sightings of the little girl. He ends up getting trapped somewhere in the dark but escapes.

Creepy Rating: 4/10

Real or Fake: There’s something weird about how the little girl in pyjamas looks at the camera and runs away. Did he edit her in to get more views?

5. Little Japanese Girl Sees Her Uncle

The girl talks to her mom when you see the faint figure of a man through the doorway, standing in the other room behind her.

The Story: The girl’s uncle passed away in the house, but it looks like he’s still around to watch over his sister and his beloved niece.

Creepy Rating: 6/10

Real or Fake: The video looks authentic, but they showed it on a Japanese show for entertainment. Is it scripted?

6. Halloween Ghost in Australia

On the night of Halloween in Adelaide, a group of friends saw a figure walking around the Morialta Falls Conservation Park.

The Story: Teenagers heard of a friendly spirit roaming the area. They watched the silhouette walk through the field and fade away.

Creepy Rating: 6/10

Real or Fake: With such low-quality footage, we can hardly see anything but the legs. Could it just be a prank?

7. Peeking Through A Castle Window

A personal coach finds someone looking out an ancient castle window in England. 

The Story: In 2018, Tony returned to the castle he had visited before. While filming, he spots what he believes to be the ghost of the caretaker he had met during his previous trip there.

Creepy Rating: 7/10

Real or Fake: This made headlines on ‘Inside Edition’ and seemed quite believable, but was it just another tourist? 

8. Mother With Baby Carriage

A couple driving through a tunnel in Japan sees a mother pushing her baby carriage.

The Story: Dressed in black, the woman wears a vintage attire. Could they have been a mother and child that lost their lives during that time period?

Creepy Rating: 8/10

Real or Fake: This video is absolutely terrifying, out of all the footage on this list, we think this one has the highest chance of being real!

9. Lady Curled Up In The Dark

A man explored an abandoned warehouse when he sees a woman in the corner.

The Story: Japan is fascinated by ghosts, and some curious people like to explore creepy places for fun. This guy encounters a dark and faceless woman hunched over in the corner.

Creepy Rating: 9/10

Real or Fake: This one made our hearts jump, but could it just be his friend posing for the video?

10. White Lady Peeking Through Door

A man hears crying noises from the apartment next door. He investigated it and a white-faced lady answered.

The Story: After the encounter, the landlord stated that it was a vacant unit. The woman who used to live there had died, but she continues to look over her home.

Creepy Rating: 10/10

Real or Fake: This is a chilling video that seems like they took it out of a horror movie. What do you think?


Ghosts have become a huge part of popular culture through films, video games, and books. But nothing beats the rush (or fear) of finding and sharing real scary ghost videos! 

It turns out we’re all a little obsessed with the afterlife and ghosts are non-living proof that we’re never alone!

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