Waleed Aly makes a shock exit from The Project

As co-host Carrie Bickmore cracks another X-rate joke.

On Wednesday night’s episode of The Project, host Carrie Bickmore made a very risqué remark live on air about her grooming habits. Then, on Thursday, the TV host once again cracked an X-rated joke, live, as her co-host Waleed Aly mysteriously disappeared.

Bickmore explained to viewers that Waleed had abruptly left as he was ill, remarking to her two remaining co-hosts: ‘Enjoy the threesome, we will!’

The blonde presenter said: ‘Unfortunately Waleed has fallen ill at the very last minute.’

‘He was here about half an hour ago and he’s gone home. So he will be here throughout the show in pieces we’ve already done tonight.’

She added: ‘It’s just the three of us tonight. Enjoy the threesome…we will!’ 

Peter Helliar chimed in, making a further joke about Waleed, claiming the royal wedding had become ‘too much’ for him to handle. 

Pete joked: ‘Maybe royal fever gives you gastro.’ 


Earlier in the week, Carrie shocked viewers when she made a racy joke while talking to Lisa Wilkinson, who is currently in London for the wedding. 

Lisa had told Carrie that she would bring her home the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle swimming costumes that have become a viral hit, when Carrie said in reference to wearing one: ‘That will be the first time I’ve had hair down there in a while!’  

‘I’m getting you that fabulous one-piece swimsuit with Harry and his beard,’ Lisa had told Carrie, before the journalist responded with the eyebrow-raising comment.  

After Carrie’s remark, Lisa told her: ‘God, I love you, Carrie. I love you.’

Cutting back, Waleed looked audibly shocked by Carrie’s remark. 

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