Channel 10 hosts make shocking joke at David ‘Kochie’ Kosh’s expense

"That's a big coffin to fill."
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The announcement of David ‘Kochie’ Kosh’s retirement from Sunrise came as a shock to many. After 21 years at the helm, the 67-year-old is taking a step back to focus on family time and his personal business endeavours.

The widely-covered event has garnered commentary from media personalities, celebrities and colleagues alike, who have gone on to share their well wishes for the Channel Seven star.

WATCH: Koshie announces his Sunrise retirement. Article continues after video.

Figures from rival networks have also jumped in to share their words of support, with Kochie himself revealing he “adored” the “wonderful, classy, respectful one from Karl Stefanovic”.

Amongst the flood of messages the longtime host received, other rival network figures took a more cheeky approach when reporting on the news.

The Cheap Seats’ Tim McDonald made a shocking joke about Koshie when speaking on Matt Shirvington’s appointment with his co-host Melanie Bracewell.

The Cheap Seats is hosted by comedians Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald. (Credit: Channel Ten)

The comedian joked, “Good luck to Shirvo, he’s replacing Kochie. That’s a big coffin to fill.”

“Well done. All the best,” he concluded.

While fellow comedian Melanie reacted with shocked amusement to the abrupt joke, she also saw the humour in Matt’s televised statement as Kochie’s replacement.

WATCH: Matt Shirvington’s Olympic highlights. Article continues after video.

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When the news broke, Matt spoke about his excitement to assume the Sunrise position, where he also commented on the dynamic nature of stories that are reported on the show.

He described this as “going from complete elation and excitement and happiness” to “the heartbreak and the horror and the sadness”.

Melanie couldn’t help but laugh at the notion that “his favourite part is the horrors”.

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