The Voice’s Jack Vidgen Opens Up About Death Threats

The singer reveals the real reason he stopped singing.

Jack Vidgen has finally made his long awaited return to our screens for The Voice Australia blind auditions.

But during Sunday’s episode, the 22-year-old made a heartbreaking confession about the real reason he stopped singing. 

“After winning Australia’s Got Talent, there was Facebook pages with death threats… life was hard,” he tells producers.

“From that point, I basically forced myself out of the limelight [and] I stopped music, I stopped singing.”

Revealing he’s since worked in both retail and aged care, Jack admitted he now misses singing, before taking to the stage to perform ‘Hello’ by Adele, wowing the judges.

Jack Vidgen the voice
(Credit: Channel Nine)

Both Delta and Boy George immediately turned their chairs before Kelly and Guy followed suit. When Delta and guy recognised him, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

the voice delta
(Credit: Channel Nine)

“Where have you been these last five years?!” Delta asked, Jack responding, “I stopped singing.”

Completely dumbfounded, Delta asked why. 

“I think I just burnt out. I just fell out of love with singing and that’s as simple as it was,” he said.

“And what about now?” Boy George asked, Jack saying, “It’s taken years and years for me to actually want to step on a stage and love it and that was the most incredible moment I’ve had in five years.”

He then detailed the moment he hit rock bottom.

“Winning Australia’s Got Talent, any 14 year old would want that, like it was crazy, but I just don’t think that I knew the effect it was having at the time. When I was 16 I ended up going over to the States by myself for about a year and I think I hit a lot of roadblocks… It was really scary to be alone and at rock bottom.”

Admitting what was missing last time was a mentor, Jack then decided he wanted Guy to be his coach.

Jack Vidgen Guy Sebastian
(Credit: Channel Nine)

“I would love to be on all of your teams, but Guy, I would love love love to be on your team.”

Talking to Jack backstage, Guy said, “I don’t want to make you silly promises, but what I really want to do is help you fall in love with music again.”

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